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When I first got to know the angels I knew next to nothing about 'angels'. It was not a topic I had much interest in, nor had read anything about, when they came and collected me. It was a startling, and in the beginning, frightening experience. Since that day, over 18 years ago now, I have still read next to nothing of other people's opinions (books) and those I have touched on are very human in their interpretation, which is to be expected.

The angels are a real and very present part of my life. I have consciously worked with them since 1998. I have walked into some interesting situations, such as clearing out an incubus from a lady who rang in a frantic mood one morning, and then going to 'visit' a relative of hers that same night. The first task was not that complicated, but the second gave me food for thought - because the entity haunting 'that' house had picked up a man weighing around 300 pounds and banged him against both walls in his hall - so that when I arrived that big 'biker guy' was sitting on the front verandah and refusing to enter the house. The rest of the family was waiting on the grass outside. People like that are guided to me because I can help, with the assistance of the group of guardian Michael that protect me, and those I request their help for.

While angels may seem like magical, mythical creatures to some people, they are more like best buddies and bossy to me, but its mutual - they boss me around, I boss them around. It's done with a great deal of admiration and pure joy. They have propped me up in times of emotional pain, and I've propped some of them up in their moments of 'spiritual pain' - I've been protected, and rescued, from spiritual situations that would stand your hair on end .. that was the effect it had on me one particular day when I was driving. I have so many stories.

I'm trained by them, inspired by them, coached, coaxed and entertained. They are part of my family.

But I'll tell you something, much as we would like to, we don't truly understand angels. They think so differently to you and I, their communication is different, broader and deeper, than the small-minded fickleness that we humans can get up to. They live the greater reality we can't even attempt to grasp - they have existed, and remember, all of their billions of years, it gives them a wider perspective. That's where the mystery is. We cannot share that with our finite material understandings of what makes up a human 'life', even when we are in spirit with them between lives.


In a slightly joking manner I have written this list of 'guidelines' below. I was thinking of 'the rules to being human' .. which I have saved 'somewhere' on this harddrive .. it begins .. "you will have a body"...

Rule no 1 - you have spirit guides. You chose 12 guides made up of humans, angels and often spirit animals. They are chosen for all the different activities and emotional journeys you have decided upon for this lifetime. They don't all work with you at the same time, but in small groups on specific themes depending on the lessons you are experiencing at the time.

The humans have had human lives, they might be relatives from about five generations ago, but it is more likely that they are good friends and part of your wider 'soul' family (where is where the term 'soul mates' comes from.

The angels are angels, they have never been human, and this group does not include your guardian angel. There are no dark entities among your spirit guides. You might invite them in, but they are not part of the group of twelve.

Rule no 2 - they are trained to be dispassionate in their viewpoint, unconditional in their love and accepting of whatever reality you wrap around yourself as a human at any given moment. They are flexible and adaptable - even if you don't think you are.

Rule no 3 - you are the centre of their universe and their whole focus for the brief time you reside on planet Earth. Is it very difficult to accept that you are important enough to deserve this?

Rule no 4 - you have probably been a guide for them, or certainly will be at a later time if you choose to.

Rule no 5 - they don't 'go' anywhere!

Rule no 6 - when you do not feel your guides around you, or hear them, or see them, it is because you are tuned out, not because they are not there. They are not called away to work at anything. You are their work.

Expanding on point 6 - When your guides don't feel close it is because your emotions put a barrier between you and them. They are still talking, and you are still hearing, you are just not hearing as clearly as you think you should, or could. Your subconscious self always gets the message, regardless of what your conscious self/ego does with the information.

When they come back 'in' again, it is because you have gone back into that quiet place where you can receive them. This does not have to be a calm place. If my guides waited until I was 'calm' before speaking, I would never have contact. Being a high energy person I am always slightly intense.

So, stop worrying. Start relaxing, and smile. They'll be 'back' soon.

Why don't humans become angels?

Why is it that we, as humans, think we need to turn into angels? Can't we simply accept our own right to divinity without having to transform into something else to be 'more acceptable' to God/Spirit?

Angels choose to appear in a human form because that is what makes most humans comfortable. In their true form they might scare or puzzle us, and they don't want to do that, and quite truthfully, they look a lot like the opposites - attachments and other negative energy forms. Some of the most beautiful 'angels' I've ever seen are demonic.

I find no mystery in angels, nor do I need to become to one to know my own value, or my own specialness. Those people who hold onto the belief that they can be (or have to be) something different from human are underestimating themselves. God/Spirit created two streams of Light, the first were the angels, and they were around a lot longer than humanity, and then Humanity. Two different energies, two different beings - two different tasks asked of them.

I do not think that humans would want to be angels, when you realise that they are servants, and servants only. They have no freewill in the way you and I understand it. They were not created to learn and grow, they were created to serve. Which is what they do for us, and God. They live in the world of energy the way we live in matter, but they are limited in ways we do not understand - and they accept this. To transform into their form would mean giving up completely everything that you think you are today. I would rather return to 'Our Father's' energy as myself that lose everything that I am for the moment of Grace that would happen before I realised my mistake. Stay human. Enjoy the ride.

It was for knowledge and individuality that the first Fallen Angel chose to defy God. It, or 'He', gave 'her' that choice, and then others followed.

No, humans do not become angels. We do not need to. We are perfect as energy beings in ourselves. It is only when we are manifest in bodies that we think we are not.

Recognising Different Spiritual Energies

Go by the feel. Use your heart. You know how it feels to be human. A person who looks human walks up to you in your mind. It is a woman, just for example. If you can see her, great, easy .. female. If she is just a presence, or a Light figure, ask yourself 'does this being feel like me?' The answer will be yes, because she is human too, and yes because she's a girl. If the figure is a man, it will be yes and no. Yes because he's human and no because he's a boy. That no feeling might feel like a bit of uncertainty.

When it is an angel the energy is higher, brighter, lighter, more loving, happier. You CANNOT mistake an angel for anything but an angel. Demons will make your skin crawl and other more unpleasant feelings. If they are pretending to be nice, you will still have this sense of 'something not right'. You can ignore it if you like, but I wouldn't.

A ghost (lost soul) is cold energy. They are always wanting your attention. They want something - your energy to start with. They give nothing, or next to nothing. If you ask them who YOU are, they will probably not know. If you ask them who they are .. they might know, they might not, and they might get mad and say it doesn't matter. They are mostly emotion and usually very negative, or trying to pretend they are not.

A visiting human spirit is warm and funny and comforting and wanting to give you something, like a sense of their presence and always their love. There is a huge difference between the two.

Trusting what you feel

Belief provides the bridge. Understanding of angelic nature, and guide nature, fosters contact (so read and develop your own opinions, not just accept the first bit of nonsense you find). The key is to 'know' you can see them, and act as if you do. You may not see them with your physical eyes, but you might glimpse them in your mind. How much do you trust yourself, that what you 'might' be seeing/feeling/knowing is actually real? How much do you trust that internal voice that gives your words or sentences, or pictures that appear before your eyes, physical and spiritual?

It took me longer to completely trust the guides/angels than it did to actually learn to talk with them. The more trust I put into our relationship, and the faith I have in myself, the easier the messages come .. but now with less intensity. That's the interesting part. Once I stopped needing to have some signal, very, very clear over-the-top contact reactions, they faded to a precise but comforting level. The angels no longer had to try as hard to reach me because I was reaching towards them. Now they come through with tingles when I 'really' need it, or if I 'really' want it .. but they know it's my ego demanding recognition, because my spirit 'knows' they are always there.

The mechanics are so simple - believe, reach out, because they are there. And stop telling yourself you can't, or it's not happening, or 'not going to happen' (that's call self-sabotage). The door will open and Light will flow through - and that is a promise - from the Michael.

You don't need any 'abilities' (I prefer to call them gifts) to talk to your angels. You are already doing it when you sleep, and with your thoughts, when you allow them to communicate with you. You have to give them permission.

To me it sounds very airy-fairy, but I do it all the time. And I'm such a skeptic. The only thing that seems to break contact between me and the angels is my attitude - moods and emotions. But even in the depth of sorrow they were there, waiting for me. I do not forget that.

I wish I could give you a better description, but it's an act of faith. Do you have any questions? Can I clarify anything? I want the world to talk to Light, because I know we can.

There are differences ...

Questioning everything is actually a good idea, particularly these days when 'things' in the astral are not as Light as they used to be. There is a huge difference between believing something and 'knowing' it is real. There is more power in belief, because once you 'know' something you can become complacent about it. Like being able to see ghosts - eventually it just becomes 'ordinary'. Believing requires active focus.

When guides speak they are always loving, always positive, always helpful. You get nothing negative from them. Even a gentle reminder of a personal misdeed is given to you in very loving terms. Guides don't fight with each other. They are especially trained to be detached (and I'm talking humans-in-spirit here) and dispassionate. I still question everything, just 'after' I act on my guides' requests. In the beginning it was 'before' ... Keep your scepticism, you chose to have for a reason, but don't let it be an artificial barrier to contact.

So, the guides now stepping into your life to 'prove' they are there takes away from your spiritual strength - going back to what I wrote about believing being the more powerful force. Every time you act because you 'believe' that your guides have asked you to, not only do you provide very good energy for them, but you also strengthen your own belief in yourself. You wouldn't have that continuous gift to yourself that if you 'knew' they were there. Every day I renew my belief in guides, angels and God because it is so easy just to sit back and not try. That part of my life will never be ordinary to me.

A guide that constantly proves itself is no 'guide'. There is too much ego involved there, guides have nothing they need to prove. They want you to act on the faith you have in yourself, and that faith has to grow through life experiences. I guess that explains why the original contact I had with the angels has gone to this quiet place, I believe in them and I believe in me. God bless them for the lessons.

So my telling you that your guardian angel is there forever, and your guides are always there to help is something you want to believe? But what stops you? The fact that you can't see them? I can't see the Michael that watches over me, nor Mica and his (now her, but that's another story) group whom I send out regularly to do rescue work in far away places, and yet the Rescue gets done. I once asked the Michael to stand still long enough for me to see his face. That was a funny day. I spun in circles for a few minutes (he's always behind my right shoulder) when I asked him, and then gave up. He said 'we stand where we are, Ama' .. which is behind my shoulder, but his face appeared in my mind for a moment. All I remember now is those chubby cheeks and glowing brown eyes. I still smile .. I'm almost sunny here, the angels are smiling.

Ask your guides to appear in front of you - they don't move, but you might see them. Do it 'because' you believe in them, with your whole heart. If you are supposed to see them, you will. Keep meditations to meet the guides in your life simple. Better to practice whichever you like most, until you release control of what you are trying to create, and then they will be there. You see, if you make a meditation a constant pattern, then you don't have to try so hard to 'see' things. Which one do you like the most?

The next question is tricky because so many people want to believe that 'grandpa' is a guide. No. Guides who come to us from our 'family' line are, at the closest, great-great-grandparent energy. But this family line is only one of multitudes of 'families' that you have belonged to. The American indian that might be over someone's shoulder may well have been that person's uncle in one lifetime, and wife in another. That does not mean that grandpa doesn't hang around for a long time 'visiting', my dad did. He's in spirit. But when we die we have to have time in Healing. We don't go straight from dying as Mum into Guide in the next week, or year, for a couple of reasons - one is the emotional attachment between the people involved. A guide cannot guide if they are too emotionally attached to the person they are supposed to be guiding. And the second is that it takes time to detach from the personality that we have developed for ourselves in this lifetime. You are no less human when you are dead.

Spirit Guides and Angel Guides, we all have them in various mixes. Another form of guide that we have is Spirit Animals, who, while they don't actually guide directly, provide the energy of lessons through their presence. You can research them via searches on the internet for spirit animals or totem animals. At present mine are the bear and the owl, both a challenge. Have fun with yours. Learn to talk to them. Remember to ask for help, and they do, even when we do not realise this.

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