Why were we Created?

What do you do with a Being that is neither Light nor Dark, neither angel nor demon but with the capacity to cause trouble for both? You give them something to do. I look at myself now as a human being and think, sometimes, that I am too old and tired to be part of an assault team here to change the structure of the world - but it is only energy that Spirit wants, and quite truthfully, I have too much of that. I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn't make huge amounts of energy, even if I couldn't use it or even understand why I did it. Humans are wonderful energy creators and even better at storing energy - look at the amount of negativity each of us keeps within ourselves until we learn not to. What do we do with that creative ability - we subjugate it into tasks that are boring and repetitious. What would happen if we chose to do something else - be more constructive, be more focussed, work for balance? What could we give back to the world just through our balanced and loving wishes - truthfully - we could change reality as we know it.
So why don't we?

In steps - Samael.

What is the quickest way to stop a human from changing their world - make them complacent! Complacency keeps us safe. Acceptance is a tool for both the Light and the Dark. Acceptance of what you cannot change will often lead to change if you can keep yourself in a positive state of mind, but being connected to Samael through our free will choice many lifetimes back, the negative state of mind is so much easier to create. It's familiar. It even feels good to some people. Negativity often feels like the only way we can be but, really, we have three choices - optimism, pessimism and realism .. but how can you be 'real' when your reality contains entities you can't see, feel or often talk to? That is where faith comes in.

Believing in something outside ourselves is often hard for people. Believing in God might be a bit easier because a lot of people seem to believe in one God or another, and it's easier to follow a crowd. Believing in an entity that hates humanity might be harder. And yet we express it, our belief and the reality, through all the television programs, movies and books that are based on the fantasy and the unseen. There is a saying something like 'if you can imagine it, you can create it' and many smaller demons have been created by this sort of belief and attitude.

COLs have a greater capacity to control their reality than humans. We have the capacity to access the energy of the angels and the lack of rules that comes from having existed in the Dark. We can make things happen when we are focussed and alert and when we understand our emotions. Having been in the Dark it is very easy to return there, very easy to be negative, unhappy, angry and frustrated. It is up to us to watch how we respond to all of life's challenges and find the good - the lighter path - through each. If we will do this we will learn a measure of control and balance - and it is the balance, the Middle Way, that will show us the way Home.

The capacity to control and change their reality is also very important to humans. We like to be in 'control'. Surrendering is something to be avoided because it smacks of not being able to achieve - a thought that can be terrifying to some people. When you surrender a part of yourself you are giving up the rigid boundaries around you, or letting someone else into them. But who is that someone. When a COL surrenders which side wins?

For me to do my best work I must allow Spirit to work through me. Allow is the important word here, for without my permission they can do nothing; and yet with it they can help me and help others. How much do we understand the incapacity of the Light to achieve change when human will denies it to them? Free will is an incredible gift and yet we give it away regularly, to those we love and those we hate, for anyone we are strongly emotionally connected to control us through our emotions.

God, standing back and watching its creations, loves unconditionally. This love allows all actions, thoughts and feelings without judgment. It gives us room to grow without boundaries of any kind. So why do we place them around ourselves, because that is what we were taught to do by someone else.

Samael is not responsible for my choices, I am. She is not responsible for the mistakes I make, the unkind words or angry actions. I am responsible for my reality. Responsibility can be a very heavy weight at times, but if I am to change my world into something better, I must grasp that it is all mine. Everything that has happened to me has happened because I chose to create it. You have to be responsible to be able to truly exercise your free will. Samael doesn't want me to exercise my free will. She wants me to feel small, afraid and lonely in this world she has created, for this gives her what she craves, satisfaction. When I am afraid I keep my energy close around my body and do not 'shine'. You could say I keep my human batteries undercharged so as not to leak, for when I am full of joy and spontaneous, Light expands all its boundaries.

Do you know the things I love about being a COL. It is the fact that I am a catalyst for change in the lives of everyone who is in contact with me. It happens unintentionally in a lot of cases, but no one stays the same around me, and love me or hate me, they all change for the better. Does this sound like bragging? Believe me, its not. I've seen it happen, and had it told to me, so many times that it is simply another part of my reality now. COLs create change. They bring Light into dark places, and when they are Dark they bring that darkness into Light places. In learning to love ourselves we can give the gift of wisdom to others. The people we touch have to continue on their own paths, but they get a boost by being around us.

I love being able to walk into a room and change the structure of the energy, to turn an angry space into a happy one, or visa versa unless I watch my mood. I know I have a great capacity to carry anger, as I have said earlier, but I watch it, and myself, so that I deal with the emotions as they arise and not trap them again in the slim hope that 'I will deal with it all later'. That is a great way to fall into depression.

I love being aware of the energy of the world as it shifts and sways, even on day when it exhausts me with its heaviness. On the Lighter days I can feel like dancing, and often do.

I love being able to see the Light around people through their auras, to know their hearts - to be able to find the honest path in conversations that lead to healing.

I love being able to restructure negative energy - turning human created negative energies into healing Light.

I love working with the angels and being accepted and loved by them. They see me as I am, with no illusions, and Love me truly. This was one of the first steps towards accepting myself with love.

I love Spirit Rescue, or ghost-busting - counselling lost souls and helping them to find peace also. I love being a Gatekeeper, of having access to Gate energy and the Michael who watch the Gates. These are a different class of angels to the ones who guard us, and those who guide us.

I love being human. I find human nature, and human beings, fascinating and enlightening on my path back to Spirit. I find joy just in being around them; in watching them learn and grow. I am always aware of our differences and sometimes do not understand 'how' they think, but, just as the angels are called to serve, I will follow my heart and give of myself to them - for that gives me greatest Joy.

I love being able to connect to, and speak with, the Elemental world, and the trust they have bestowed upon me. I pray that I will always honour this.

And lastly, finally, I love God and Samael, my sister. She who was created to bring Illumination into the world is still trying, in her own twisted way, to do just that. She remembers she was given to humanity for their learning, and she resents it, them and God. She is fighting a losing battle, for as it was written, in the end we will all return Home - and Home is God, where we will once again become one with the presence of the Most High, and all our small and silly worries will no longer bind us.

And so I wrote Samael's story because she asked me to. And in the past 5 years or so it has been disrupting and exhausting and incredibly satisfying, for not only has she come and gone from my life but so have those Michael that watch over her, and since I am Michael, the touch of my family has always been soothing to a spirit disrupted by Samael's negativity.

I lay down their words as an act of Love to my sister and for her followers, so that humanity might learn of a way of taking them all into healing, through an open heart and an open mind, and the knowledge that we are all one with God/Spirit/Buddha/Krishna/Allah or whatever name you want to call the One Most High who loves you profoundly.

It is over sister. The journey Home begins.


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