The War in Heaven

Humanity exists within the Spirit of God,
for the Spirit of God exists in all things,
including the world of Samael,
although it was not welcome there.

Over millennia, the great leaders and those true of heart began to sense the separation from true Source, and recognised the conflict within their knowledge of God and began to question. Being their 'God' they questioned Samael, and she, who had been so accessible before, became angry and withdrew. They began the search for other Gods and Samael became jealous and vengeful. "Have no Gods but me," was her message to 'her' children as she tightened the rules around them. But the children were waking up, and as they awoke they reconnected to the source of true Love within them, their divine spark, and turned back towards the Light, as is their nature. And Samael grew angrier, and in her anger called down the angels of Heaven and demanded God keep to its bargain and leave her Earth and the humanity upon it. But God would not abandon its children, not even Samael.

And so a power struggle began between those who followed Light and those who followed Darkness and the world rocked and swayed as energy shifts flowed through and over it. It could be defined as a time when the angels fought for the souls of men, but won only a small victory, for not enough men followed the Light in those days, and so Samael was bound and thrown down, as it says in the Bible, but she was not stopped and she bides her time waiting for the moment when God's attention is elsewhere to once again seek vengeance where she could seek love. And she waited for the hand that unbound her, for that has already come. And in the bible is written the story of Armageddon, the war that is to come, which tells the story of Samael's first defeat and the possibility of her second. And that is what we seek to avoid, as do all the angels, for no war will ever be fought over the Children of the Children of God if the angels can prevent it.

The Changing of the World

As living humans, the children of the Elohim, who are also the children of God, grew in wisdom and spiritual strength they gave up their conflicts in beliefs, turned from Samael and back to the true Source, and brought down upon themselves the judgment of the angry Elohim. She brought their society to its knees, for not enough of them had the strength to withstand her wrath. And she did this multitudes of time as human societies grew and failed and grew again. She could not conquer the spirit that is the divine spark within each human, and she could not feel it still burning within herself. She destroyed, as is her nature, and sent her followers to destroy. The fallen angels became demons, and created more like them, but of a lesser nature, and taught the followers of Samael to create these lesser beings, which are all different and plentiful, as was man. But this happened in the times before modern man remembers.

In each society was a nucleus of awakened beings who saw the true path, and worked for the true Source. They had human bodies and lived human lives, but their energy was not always entirely human. They walked the middle way, the path between the light and the dark, and some of them lived this energy, for not only humans turned from the dark, but there were also those among the fallen who saw the error of their ways and changed. But let us continue the story of humanity.

As each society ages more and more enlightened beings awaken. They work quietly and in small groups drawing the energy of Light into the heart of their environment. They work with Mother Gaia to heal the Earth, and to remind people of their true natures. They work against the tides of energy that flow from the hatred of Samael, and sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail, but they hold the faith and keep trying.

It was the Light of these beings, reincarnated and recreated, that focused the attention of the Creator back to the world called Earth. It was their spiritual songs, the resonance of their energetic bodies that is so much a source of creation, which drew down the Angels into every society during the millennia that followed the withdrawing of Samael, having once again caught the ear and heart of God. It took a Voice created over that millennia to allow God to surrender to their request - for the greatest gift that the Creator gave to humanity was their free will, and the free will of most people in society is still given to Samael - and for God to help it had defy the freewill of some people, even as it was assisting others. It was, in a way, a breaking of the Covenant. God heard and answered the Voice of the children of the Children of God who asked, "See us and remember, draw down the sun, let there be Light in our world". And so there was.

The world, created in Light but now in Darkness, was filled with LIGHT in the age of Pisces. A manifested source of Light, a child born of human parents with a human spirit designed and designated to carry the Light into humanity. We know this being as Jesus the Christ and he became the saviour of humanity for he drew them out of darkness with his actions, and his words and ways, and then the Christ's presence became one with the world, one with humanity and drove Samael to her knees. But he was many parts, and there are many stories about him. His main task, as is the task of every being who remembers the Holy Spirit, was to anchor Light in the places that he was, this means to draw down a beam of pure Light from Heaven through our divine selves and connect it to the Earth. Samael may own the world, but the Creator is everything, and it is time for Earth to return to balance. The Light anchors stabilised the shifting energy and allowed others to find balance within the pattern. It is this balance that helps every person, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. And as each person begins to achieve balance within themselves, they will be able to gift others this energy, and give it also to Samael each time she draws from us a little of the discord she requires to maintain her 'self'.

The Coming of the Light

There is an understanding among all spiritual people that one day we will all return to the Source. Samael knew this before she fell, but forgot it in her 'dreaming'. The hearts and minds of all humanity call for the end of their separation, and God, called Spirit, answers. God drew back to itself the Light of the World, just as it would draw back Samael, but in doing so it gave every human alive at that moment a Gift. The Light that was the energy of the being Christ fragmented and became part of every being living on the Earth and every human in Heaven. The Gift of Light caused the reactivation of their divine spark, the awakening of their soul and their memories.

In the two thousand years since the Christ came to Earth Samael has struggled for control over her human children. She seeks, and fails, to be their Lord again. But they have learned, and they remember in their souls, having given up forgetfulness, that they are the children of the Children of God and always worthy of Heaven. Samael is still Lord of this world, but she no longer rules the subjects that worshipped her. Instead she seeks to control through fear and rage. And in that she fails.

No matter what name for 'God' is used on this planet, the majority of humanity worship manifested Light, and the darkness that was Samael is a shadow silently dancing.

End of Book 1

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