The Story of Michael

We Watch

The role of the Michael has changed since God first created this aspect of its children. In the beginning the Michael supervised the levels of heaven, standing as the stout central post on which the levels ascended and watching benignly as the 'flights of angels' shifted and moved among the planes. You might describe them as traffic policemen, reporting back to 'base' rather than interacting with any beings that might have created blockages in the flow - although that would have been seldom because all was perfect in Heaven before the Elohim were created. They nurtured the smooth flow of the energy between levels.

When God made leaders of the Elohim their role remained much the same, until Samael began to be restless and the Michael became more aware - and this was the work of the Creator as it brought change into its world. When Samael went among the angels and tried to stir up discord, the Michael watched and reported to Abba. They could not act without permission, because they are servants, but during each new situation they would ask advice and then respond, being able to react to old patterns without the capacity to create new ones, but they learned quickly. In this way Samael brought Illumination to the Michael; she helped them to learn to be soldiers and spies as they strived to protect the beings they treasured. So Samael was fulfilling her role among the Michael even as she sought to make them as restless for change as she was - and some listened and chose to follow her, and others stayed within the Circle of Light.

I have asked myself many times if the Michael is the opposite of the Samael, but the message I always received is that they are siblings. Their roles in Heaven are complimentary to each other, rather than conflicting, but in my human understanding they seem to be at war. The Michael protects and the Samael destroys - but then the Samael protects what she has too, and the Michael destroys false constructions, so there is a similarity there.

The Michael did not become the soldiers, guardians and wardens of Heaven until after humans were created. The Creator wanted it's human children to learn, rather than be eliminated by Samael as she grew into her role as Dark Angel, and so the Michael were assigned, individually, as Guardian Angels to each human, as Planetary Guardians to all the solar systems, and then as soldiers to supervise the activities of the Fallen. You could call it a Peace Action, for the Michael work for Peace, but they will defend themselves, and most particularly humans, when requested - within the guidelines laid down by the Creator. The Dark Angels can be defeated, but they can never be truly destroyed. All angelic entities, having been Elohim or Angels of any level are returned to healing, as are humans, and any entities created by Dark Angels or humans are returned to the atoms from which they were created. It is up to the humans who request the help of the Michael to decide what that energy is used for. That is a lesson for all of us.

The Michael love their human brothers and sisters, just as God loves all of its creations - unconditionally. They are not unemotional, but they have the detachment required to be of benefit in situations of uncertainty, and they always act with the greatest kindness. The Michael are the gentlest of all the angels, and sometimes seem the most human for they have become very competent in copying the attitudes and actions of their charges, although it is only a copy.

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