The Season of Easter

It is the week before Easter when I type this and the energy of the world is angry and still. It is in this week that the collective belief system of Christian humanity is hung up on the cross that crucified Jesus Christ. We are taught that he died on the cross and took our sins into heaven with him. That we were freed by the life he gave for us. But freed from what? The concept of sin and the concept of lessons do not work well together. The concept of sin means that anything that you do outside of what is acceptable within the society you live in will send you to Hell and damnation. Acts such as cannibalism are unacceptable in the modern day, as is murdering your first born child to show your love of God, but in the days of prehistory these were accepted. The sacrifices brought blessings instead of condemnation. The concept of Life Lessons means that all your experiences happen to teach you about life, love and yourself. What you do to others may well happen to you, so it is wise to be kind and loving, because that is what you will get in return.

The Karma, or collective guilt, that is still felt by people who were alive in biblical times when Jesus Christ was crucified is often too heavy for them to bear in this life, and sends them away from the church. I have spoken to a man who believes he is Judas and still carries the guilt of his 'betrayal' in this lifetime. To what benefit is that to a loving and accepting God? None. But to Samael it is a gift of energy every time that man feels the burden he has placed over his own shoulders. Guilt. And because of his belief in sin and eternal damnation he does not believe he will ever be free of it.

I'll always be grateful to the minister in that small country town. He showed me another viewpoint on the concepts of Easter. We, as a group, are taught to focus too much on our sins and not enough on the good we can do. Many people have turned their backs on all religions because they are frightened of the judgment, or don't want to believe in it, but the judgmental one is not the true God of our creation, instead it is Samael. And there lies the confusion, but I will discuss this later.

To focus on your sins you focus on the negativity you have created, and that creates more negativity, rather than expressing positive energy by trying to find solutions that change the outcomes of what is happening in your life. Even if you only learn to Accept what you cannot change, you are already making change a possibility. Acceptance is the Gift that Jesus Christ gave us when he went onto the Cross, and Love is what he asked his 'father' for when he died. And we are also told he asked forgiveness, but I do not think that was so - for God does not judge us, so we have nothing to be forgiven for. But Samael, would thrive on the fear and guilt of an 'unforgiven' soul.

When I returned to heaven after I 'fell' it was forgiveness I was seeking, but I did not find it. Instead I found Love and Acceptance, which precluded the necessity of forgiveness, and a knowledge that everything I am is acceptable in the energy of 'God'. God did it for me long before it did it for humanity through the Christed energy, and God does it for us everyday. And It will do it for Samael when she is ready to be returned Home.

More about Easter

The coming of the Christ energy to the planet was the breaking of a covenant between God and Men, but also the agreement between the Creator and Samael. The Creator had given all Men free will and to interfere between them and its fallen Angel, which so many of them followed as their 'God', was to deny some humans their choice while answering the call for help from others. The Bible defines it as the 'Law' being broken, but the Law had been laid down by Samael in her anger, and not by God in its unconditional Love for all. The covenant breaker spoke the words of a new agreement and offered a new 'way' to humanity, a way humanity already knew through the words and wisdom of other people who had come before Jesus, but they could not accept because their souls were bound by Samael. Jesus Christ spoke literally when he said "I am the way, the truth and the life - you must come through me to directly reach the father". No fallen angel barrier could stand between Christ and God, although a barrier stood between the fallen and Heaven. That is why humanity had to have the Christ energy restored within them; the key that unlocked the gates of hell also reopened the door in their hearts.

To do this God had to create a being that was as spiritually strong, or stronger, than Samael and a being who had free will, which meant that the being was like no other created entity except God having both spiritual perfection and free will. Does spiritual perfection mean no free will? Free will allows us to make mistakes; perfection means that we do not make any. But humanity needs to be led by example and so the being had to be human, and since God chose the people who honoured Samael directly, it placed its perfect being inside the body of a male child in the patriarchal Hebrew society. This child had to grow up within the society and understand its norms and values so that he could act from within them. (As the Dalai Lama says now 'Learn the rules so you know how to break them'.) And the babe would have to come into existence quietly, although it could not be completely hidden that something momentous was happening. He had to be created with the same care that each human is shown when they choose the lifetime and lessons they will experience - the right day, month and year, the right parents with the correct genetic material to bring forth a being of the perfect size, shape and physical health. And this being was named Joshua or Iesu by his family, and he was destined to 'carry' the Christ energy onto the plane, the physical link between heaven and earth.

He lived a normal life for thirty years, as normal as a growing child who knew his destiny could have. He married and had children and at the right time, a time when a gateway opened in the heavens, he was cleansed of his 'sins' by baptism in water and the Christ energy descended, and Jesus became the Lord of Light, or Life, on this planet.

The story of Jesus is well know and much debated, for many wished him to be more than a man, but it is humans who live on this world, humans and Fallen Angels, and he was simply a man. The Christed energy bestowed on him the direct pathway to God, and the knowledge and wisdom that comes from true Source. It gave him the power of healing through Love, but 'he' didn't heal anyone, their faith in him and God brought them in direct contact with 'Source' and source is Love and Love is healing and so they were freed of their infirmities and their demons and 'death', and were given 'new life' - the disconnection from the control of Samael and the reconnection of their Divine Spirit - by sharing a moment or two with him. It was his role to bring humanity back to God, and not just humanity, for he came to show all of us the Love of God that we had forgotten.

I was a COL in those days. I remember playing with Jesus and his brothers and sisters as a child. I also remember, in this lifetime, getting in trouble for my imagination when I told people of my memories. I remember his brother James and my time with him. And I remember Mary the mother, and Mary the wife, the Magdalene who was the daughter of Nicodemus and my friend - our children played together. And I remember standing beneath the cross as Jesus struggled for breath and seemed to be dying and passed into unconsciousness and disappeared from my life because I ran away from the pain and fear and hid.

And then the skies grew dark and thunder rumbled and lightning struck the ground. And the Light went out in my world and fear overwhelmed us all as the God of Illumination, the fallen angel Samael, laughed at her success in destroying the troublesome Jesus the Christ. And the energy that was Christ left the body of Jesus and shattered into a billion, billion pieces and became part of every living being and then of every angel and demon existing within the realms of Spirit. And in that moment Samael knew she had failed.

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