The Nature of the Beast

The nature of the beast is sour and uncompromising. She takes what she wants and cares nothing for the consequences - and what she wants is the downfall of God and the destruction of humanity, but her hands are tied, and her nature subdued by the bindings put in place by the first war in Heaven, and by the constant and vigilant protection of the angels, particularly the Michael.

Humanity wanders through its life, with its small and petty problems, and does not see the bigger picture of the world around it. It does not equate the large and small problems it creates for itself as having any effect on the overall energy of the world, but this is not so. It cannot see that each individual part, each solitary person, has importance. It is easier for us to think of ourselves as insignificant - which in the eyes of God we will never be. Samael would like to keep each of us believing that what we are has no value. She would like each of us to remain unhappy, frustrated, lost and alone, for the energy this creates feeds those among her followers who thrive on loneliness. She wants to keep us in our houses and away from each other, from any discussion that will lead to looking at the world from a happier outlook, and any discussion that includes the Love of God and the angels because it is like an arrow in her side - it pains her even as the same conversation fills the angels with Joy. She seeks revenge against all those who betray her, and will take it even in small ways and with great satisfaction. And she seeks to fill the Truth with her own lies until one is lost in the other and no one can see the way clear into an understanding that leads us all Home.

The first Truth she wants to deny is that God is Love, and only Love, and that God allows each of us the free will to enjoy our lives. To this end Samael interferes with every act of free will by influencing the actions or outcomes in any way she, or her followers, can. You see, each and every individual human is as important to Samael as we are to God - and why? Because each of us has the power to change both God and ourselves. God gave us this gift when it gave us our free will because it wanted to learn - and it does learn, from us. So when Samael affects us and makes us unhappy, she is also affecting God.

But that works both ways. When we deny the harm or hurt we are feeling, and are loving and forgiving anyway, we send good energy out into the 'world' and that affects both the angels and the darkness, for it is a form of Light, and Light is illumination, and Samael cannot ignore or deny illumination because it is what she is created to achieve, and give to others - so she absorbs it.

Even with her face turned from God, Samael grows and learns. While she is in the darkness he cannot always understand what she receives, or sees it in reverse, but the wisdom remains accessible to all. To seek to defeat Samael would only feed her more negativity, but to Love her anyway is a gift we can give her that would cause her pain, which she would willingly accept in her confusion, while helping her to heal. The twisted logic of this is reflected in the emotional confusion of those people in the world who suffer from some mental illnesses, who enjoy other's suffering as well as their own, and who thrive on creating fear and trauma for others. They unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, work for Samael.

There are plenty of people who decide to work with demons. They believe it gives them power, that the demon is a slave, which it never is, and has no free will of it own. The truth is, the demon is constrained within the invocation or spell the 'magician' uses until he or she makes a mistake. The moment the pattern is not perfectly complete the demon has a loop-hole through which to escape. Now it may choose to do it then, or it may wait until the magician is no longer on his guard - but in either case the human is no longer the master nor ever safe. The role of demons is to destroy, in any way it can, the workings of man and God. And it does this with as much cunning and satisfaction as any other being that finds joy in its work. For the demon destruction is creation, and it thrives on its opportunities.

When a demon comes into the life of a person it does not announce its presence with fanfare. Instead it seeks out the weaknesses of the person and insinuates its way in through clever thoughts and patterns. It works like an angel, which it well might have been, encouraging the person to try harder, to be more adventurous and to test his or her boundaries. It may fill the person's mind with thoughts of power and abundance, but it does so from the standpoint of what the person can achieve for their own greater glory, even if they have to step 'on' other people to achieve it. They do not normally convince a person to work for the greater good, but for their own benefit alone. They do not encourage a person to be generous and loving, but to act in secret 'because otherwise 'such and such' will be jealous'. They feed their victims paranoia and fears in small doses until the person's sense of emotional balance becomes undermined and then they step up their insinuations and accusations until the person no longer knows what is right or wrong, or truth and lies. The demon will destroy a person's sense of reality until the person clings to the mental voice (which they can often hear clearly by this time) because it seems to be the only voice that makes any sense, or is the only 'familiar' one left. This is one cause of schizophrenia. The demon can arrange that the person they are 'encouraging' become rich and famous and world known, and then, at a time that will do the most harm, they will destroy all the falsities around the person and wait for the reaction. The person may well choose to kill themselves, or kill others as he or she follows the orders of the voice in his or her head, and the negative energy created by these events, and the effects it has on the other people involved, including family and friends, will keep them happily 'fed' for weeks or months - and then the entity may well try to transfer to someone close to the person and begin the whole pattern again. This is not possession, although in some ways it is ownership, as the demon claims the energy of the person for its own. The person may die expecting to go to Hell, and for a moment or two, as happens in some near death experiences, they may see a world like Hell, but they will soon be rescued and sent into healing - by Spirit Rescuers like me, and by Archangel Michael and its children. If the person refuses angelic help, for whatever reason, the angels come to us and ask for our assistance. As Children of Light we can act for the lost soul and help them find a moments peace from which to seek the Light, and if not, then choose that moment for them and ask for intercession from God. In either case Rescue happens. You see, humanity belongs to God and not Samael, she only thinks he owns us, and no soul is ever truly lost.

As you come to understand a loving God, the power of Hell dies away and you are freed to take more responsibility for your life. Fear keeps us from acting on our dreams and wishes, but God and Spirit want us to experiment with life, knowing that we are always loved and that our contribution to the greater knowledge of humanity, the collected thoughts and memories of every person that has ever lived (the Akashic Record) grows from each experience. We have nothing to fear but those fears we create inside ourselves.

We have lost God in the complications of religion, and played right into the hands of Samael. She thrives in confusion and fear, and there is plenty of that among the various religions, as well as fanaticism and judgment. And so she watches and she gloats as different sects, who begin in Faith, end up in violence and death.

The nature of Samael expresses the Love of God as a reflection. Where God loves unconditionally, Samael 'loves' with conditions. Where God gives you unrestricted free will, Samael will 'allow' the same as long as you pay for it in some way. God asks acknowledgement, because to notice something is to give it energy, and Samael asks the same - the difference is that God does not require anything but a moment's thought, and Samael likes burnt offerings. God does not require veneration, much as the church thinks it does, because veneration and worship are done to 'appease' God, and a loving God does not require appeasement, but an angry one does. For God to be angry, although it knows and contains this emotion, it would have to not agree with, or want to allow, certain behaviours - but this does not sit well with a God who gave us all free will. In judging our actions, thoughts or emotions it removes our right to experience them - and yet it gave us unlimited free will. If we took these two beings apart we find a God of love who likes to be remembered and thanked, and a God of judgment who requires it - or else. And yet that is supposed to be the same God?

Samael was an Elohim but her role now is one of a teacher by reflection. For now, until her time to return to the Source, Samael is the greatest threat to peace on Earth, not excluding humanity itself, because she works within each of us in quiet and insidious ways. She finds the cracks within the armour around each person's nature and exploits them - for she does not love, but she does understand how love works, and she does not care though she knows that through trust you can open doors into a person's life that would not normally ever be opened - and she works through those keys that are the heart of the Love of God and Spirit. And she uses lies as a tool, rather than a weapon, building layer upon layer of a destructive force that topples the resistance of even the most God-loving or God-fearing person. She will tell you everything you want to know, and give you everything you ask for, until the time comes for her to ask something in return - and that is when the person crumbles, or goes finally into the Dark - for the price is always greater than the person thinks they can ever pay - and it leads into an awful realisation that they have been betrayed by Samael and her followers, and by themselves, since the very beginning. And then where is God? Even now, the Lord of Lies is still a servant of the Creator who loves her truly as she lives the role it was asked to take - the challenger of Man. And isn't that an interesting conundrum - that the Lord of Lies still works for God.

Small demons and large demons

When in doubt ...

The Michael Invocation

Archangel Michael,
Remove all attachments from me,
All negative energy forms,
All negative thought forms,
All heavy energy forms.
All intruders and mischief makers,
All astral forces and dominants,
All small demons and large demons,
including succubus and incubus.
All living humans who try to steal my energy,
Or do me any other harm,
Find all humans in Spirit who are Lost around me,
and take them Home.
Remove all threads and bindings
All cords and ties
All chains and devices of any kind
All curses and hexes on any level
And all karmic patterns which are 'self'-defeating
And karmic links that are no longer needed
Return me to my perfect energy now please

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.
Thank you.

I have found through long experience, that the quickest way to defeat small demons is to give them love - in other words fill them with the energy of Light. Love, the source of all power in Spirit, is the one thing the demons do not have, and the one thing they crave. This does not mean that I want you to conjure a demon and then try it out. You will more than likely end up either possessed or dead, but it does mean that when you go to throw fear and hate at them, remember Love is the source of all healing - and Love yourself as a shield - a shield that is formed from the Light of God, and might give you a chance to escape.

Remember that Samael is a demon, but the Children of Light are not. They who have sourced the power of the Dark, now turn its gifts to acts of Light. They struggle first with their inner natures to find core truths and beliefs and release them - those truths that cause them pain and hurt, as do humans on the path into Enlightenment. They look at their own true natures, both the angelic side and the shadow side, and seek to find the balance of both, for from balance comes the greatest power for good. Perhaps that is a lesson for all of us. The Children of Light are the greatest source of protection against the Dark, for having walked in it they understand its nature, but first they must allow themselves to be in Light and that is not always easy in a judgmental world. A Child of Light in the Light is a gift to Heaven, but a Child in the Dark is a frightening tool.

The birds outside the window flutter as they seek the safest space to land. When they are not sure of their footing they quickly move on. It is in this testing and trying that they find firm grounding for their understanding of the world - and so it is with both the Children and demons.

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