Samael continues

The Fall from Grace

Can you imagine discord among the angels, those loving and gentle beings that watch over us with such care and attention? Can you imagine them bickering among themselves, demanding this and that from their Creator, just like small children or angry humans? No, neither can I, but this could have happened if the energy of Samael, the Illuminator, had stayed within the energy of the highest planes of Heaven. God, having created discord, made a choice to return its Children to a state of Peace, and to do that, because it loves and does not want to injure Samael and her followers, it had to send them away. It still wished to learn about discord, and the other shadow emotions of Love, so it created a dimension in which discord could rule and thrive, and offered that to Samael.

The Creator said, "I will create worlds for you and on these worlds I will place those who follow you with you as their teacher, and those of humanity who wish to go with you" (for the discord had spread to them). And so the Creator did. And Samael was proud that she was the greatest of the angels, and in her pride was happy to follow the leadings of her Creator, for she no longer recognised the shadow in her being.

The nature of God is hard to know, for although it expresses itself through all the facets of our human nature, both light and dark, we have yet to truly learn to understand ourselves. It looks that God led Samael into the patterns of her own demise, but this is not so. God gave Samael and her followers many opportunities to return to the quiet and enclosed energy of its unconditional love, but Samael in her pride, saw those opportunities as a restriction and felt she did not require such boundaries in her life. She thrived on interaction, and still does, as she settled into her role as leader of her group. And her group consisted of one third of the angels from each category, the healers, the teachers, the watchers and others. And so they moved out of the higher levels of Heaven and into the level we call the third dimension, and the energy of Heaven settled and was still.

God Loves, and even in Samael's growing confusion and hatred, God still loves her. After Samael and her followers left the highest levels of Heaven they could still travel through the planes unimpeded. They went back and forth among the groups of angels still in Heaven and spun and wove stories of their new lives in Earth's energy. They went among the humans and told them of the energy of interaction - something for which they were created but could not experience on their perfect world, and offered them Samael's world to live on. In this time of transition, all these beings were still created only of energy. It was not until humanity decided to visit the third dimension that materiality became reality.

And so Samael and her followers came to reside in the energy of the third dimension where discord rules and everything is a struggle, and resonating to that energy they made themselves comfortable and awaited the arrival of humanity. And they came first as spirit beings to the planets in the galaxy in the universe that God had created and resided there until they made their way to the world given to Samael, and over the millenia God watched.

Flawed Creation

Samael and her followers observed humanity as they learned to live on worlds where they had to strive for everything they wanted. No longer could they simply wish something into existence, they had to make it happen, and this making fascinated Samael who remembered her part in creating them, and so Samael began to create again - but because she did not know the 'whole' pattern that created them (for each Elohim had provided its own particular understanding to the original design), her creations were monstrosities, parts and not wholes, expressed moods given form, and emotionless beasts. But they were 'her' children, and she released them into the energy of Spirit and onto her worlds in the third dimension, and they became one with the third dimension and thrived there - spirit beasts and then physical ones. And beasts walked first on the world that Samael had been given, and we now call them dinosaurs and have no memory of existing with them - though in the energy they did.

There is a difference between men and angels, humans are created 'whole' while the angels are entities specific to the tasks defined by God. When a person creates, his or her creation reflects that wholeness, but Samael could not see this and came to believe that if she too descended into Matter, she would be able to perfect her creations.

Up until that time Samael had existed between the planes, being able to travel throughout the various levels at will. For her to completely commit to one level would mean a profound change in her energy, and she knew this - but in her overwhelming desire to be like God, who created the Elohim in what Samael saw was their perfection, she was willing to give up this spiritual fluidity. And so she did. And she drew her followers with her because she did not want to be alone.

The third dimension was created by God as one of discord for Samael and her followers. When they touched in and out of it, it seemed to welcome them and be comfortable for them, but once they had truly fallen into it, with no hope of return - something Samael believed, but had not told the ones who went with her - it affected them harshly. They lost touch with what remained of their angelic natures and were caught up in the maelstrom of swirling energies that affect the planet, and forgot their personal connection to the Divine Spark that is in all beings created by God. But it was not truly lost, simply clouded by the chaos and dominion of the energy of change.

Falling for many reasons

Not all the angels chose to fall because they followed the darkness that was Samael. Some came for love of humanity after they had ventured onto the planet. During the time of interaction between the planes, angels often came to the energy of Earth to watch their children (those they had created). They were drawn more and more to the interaction that the humans had with each other, and in fascination they watched and learned - and wished to participate. But to do this, to develop the capacity, they had to step out of the boundaries provided by Abba - that of non-interference with humanity in its free will. And some of the angels felt these boundaries become restrictions as the energy of discord, which was the resonance of the planet, affected even them. Those chose then to interact, and in the choice, fell into the shadow that was the influence of Samael. Many of these were the group called Watchers because it was their role to observe and record the doings of both humanity and the Fallen Angels.

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