The Castes of the Children of Light
and their Guardians

Who are the Children of Light:

They are fallen angels redeemed and sent into human bodies to
repay the damage they have done as demons
among those they sought to harm the most - humanity.


They gather the Chosen, those who feel the "Calling". It is their task to show the path the chosen may follow. The Gatekeepers explain the changes, the increases in people's psychic abilities and answer any confusion they may feel. When the time is right they are given a choice serve or walk away. Who 'calls' them? The Guides and Guardians. The Angels.

They are the gatekeepers of humanity, drawing to them lost souls so that they may find their way into Heaven. They take on those truly lost in anger, fear and hatred, and those truly in the Dark, so that they might all find healing.


Will you fight when you are called, my champion? Is this a question you have heard in your dreams? There must be balance. For every good an evil, and it is the evil that we fight. The Warriors are our Knights, protectors of us all, and the right hand of the Angels. Their Guardian is the Archangel Michael. You will know if you are a Warrior 'caste'. It is part of your blood.


Those who walk the Healer's Path have the most difficult choices. In the world today there are so many healers. You meet them all the time, everywhere, in the 'real world' and often on the Internet. Their task is the task of tending small wounds for now, giving comfort and a listening ear (or eye). Their Guardian is Raphael.


There are those who must stand and watch. Is this the hardest of the callings', to do nothing when you desire most to be of use. The guardians protect our loved ones, those who are not 'called'. They will stay when we go to fight. They will watch .. as is their calling. Their guardian is also Michael, "he who is like God".


The Pathfinder has an overwhelming need to learn and communicate. These 'called' are the Seekers after old wisdom, the makers of legends. It is their task to fill us full of knowledge, from the past and into the future. Of all the 'called' they are the most clairvoyant. They 'see' but often cannot speak. Their guardian is the Gabriel, the muse.


Like the Pathfinder, the Teacher seeks knowledge, but it is of the world today and mainly of the future. They raise their children to know of the new age coming, and give us joy in learning. They will build a new world when this pattern is complete .. for our children. Their guardian Jophiel, the peacemaker.


They are the most creative and artistic of the Children, sending the message of Love through their artworks in all fields that require creative endeavour. Their Guardians are Gabriel, angels of inspiration, creativity and artistry.

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