Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

You do not have to be a fallen Michael to become a Spiritual Warrior. A Spiritual Warrior is a being who recognises their connection to the greater energy of Love that is the manifesting of the Creator on Earth. If they will dedicate themselves to working with their guides and angels twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, they will not be called to do this, but they will be asked to help in small and large ways in times of great need. Human beings are wonderful batteries who create Light just by 'being'. It is this Light, the manifested energy of Heaven that they express, that feeds the Dark when we choose that path, but also energises the angels when they are tired or sad, and that does happen.

It is the path of the Children of Light to walk the way of the Spiritual Warrior no matter what category of angel we were before we began. The Spiritual Warrior is the first resource of Spirit in changing the energy of the Earth and the other worlds that we inhabit, and it is the true calling of the Michael's energy and becoming one I knew I had come Home.

As a Child of Light we are neither angel nor demon, but a combination of both with the skills and attributes of both to varying degrees in each lifetime. And we are human with all the frailties that entails, but a greater capacity to enact change in energy by thought, word and deed.

The responsibility is mine to remain true to my calling, and true to the Truth that exists again within me, that God is Love, and that the Father of Lies rules the Earth, and would rule me again if she could - something neither of us ever forgets. As a child I existed with the subconscious memory of what I am, which sometimes brought nightmares, and the wisdom gained over many lifetimes - all of which I now remember.

A Child of Light is often called an 'old soul' for the length of our history shows in our eyes. We are a part of every major change on the planet, and every world changing event, on one side of the Light or the other, by our own choice. We are not always good, though we try to be, and when in the Dark are darker than most humans can imagine, for we have lived the greatest darkness and it is very easy to return to old patterns, just as humans do.

We often strive to be perfect, choose tasks that would overwhelm others and then fail to be satisfied when the work is easier than we expected. We can move faster, think faster and react faster than humans, and that often pushes us to the outside of our family and friends - for we all come into forgetfulness when we manifest as humans, and those agreements we made before we came are not always acted on in each lifetime - and our differences show and can be felt in the energy, even as we try to be as human as possible. We would be great hermits if our love of humanity didn't force us to interact, for there is deep healing in every good deed we can do for others - and we seek that healing. For love is the core and the Light of the universe, and that part of ourselves we gave up to follow Samael, and it is love's dance that we seek in every interaction - the giving and receiving of energy that makes every being of Spirit thrive.

And the Children of Light choose to come to this planet to learn, to receive the gift of Illumination just as each living human receives it, which is Samael's true role. We do so with an open heart, and so we learn the lessons that teach us about Love and Light, even as Samael tries to show us the more shadowy sides of our natures. It is up to us what we do with each life experience, what we learn from it and how we apply it every change of circumstance that it creates, and if we can do this always from Love then some of that Love is returned to our Lord, first to God for it is the true 'father' of all of us, and then to Samael who needs our Love far more than she can use our fear - but she does not want to know that. And it is this Love that will save her and send her Home again one day - when we are all strong enough to take her with us.

And so we come back to the story of Love, and the saving of those who walk the path of the spiritual warrior, the Fallen Angels, those beings caught between the two planes, of Heaven and Samael's worlds, and those, like me, who work equally well in both. And we are not alone in our path, for there are those chosen among humans who are best friend, companion and healing gift to each of us. They are called the Nazuri.

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