Samael Continues

Samael and Earth

The Mother of Terra is not in conflict with man or Samael, but she too reacts to the flow of energy that is created by humanity in its exchanges with Samael. For thousands of generations she has watched over and assisted the unaware humans as they struggled through lifetimes learning about their spiritual natures. She has watched and interfered very little with the rising and falling of each society, and accepted into herself the negative energies they have produced, and like a pressure cooker those energies have increased, though still contained, but that cannot remain so forever, even a pressure cooker must vent steam or explode, and so it happens that time to time the Earth reacts unexpectedly and disasters also happen to the family of men - disasters they have helped create, even unknowingly, as Mother Gaia seeks to keep her planet, her self, alive. And so humanity must change, for as they become more aware, so they must become more responsible - responsible for their feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions - and for their energy and what they do with the energy that each creates.

The Awakening

How long ago did Samael fall and how deeply felt is her learning still in the age of Aquarius? The memory of spiritual man is long, far longer and deeper than each of us realise when we live in our individual bodies. We remember who we truly are when we are sleeping and leave our bodies to return to the energy of the Way, and only live the rules of Samael when we are awake. The more aware we become as spiritual beings, the less influence Samael can have over us, but that does not stop her from trying, for it is her role to teach us, and while she has mostly forgotten this, she is still an angel, though fallen, and acts within her guidelines - to bring Illumination to all of Heaven.

Love is the guiding force of the universe, but there is not much love written into the old testament of the Christian Bible. Instead a vengeful God demands an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, and then can equally quickly demand the opposite. The men who wrote the history, myths and legends that compose that written works of that Bible did so from memory, from stories passed down over hundreds of years, and from messages that they believed came from God - but which one?

In truth, there has been more than one God governing Earth since Men arrived, for the Creator watches but does not interfere, and Samael and her followers lead the men of Earth on a merry dance from one 'understanding' to another - and all are contradictory and confusing, for the role of Samael in the darkness is to cloak and shadow the straight, loving and honest thinking that Men are capable of when their hearts are not filled with fear, grief and pain.

God Loves, and so does Samael in her way - but to first love others you must love yourself and in her confusion Samael has no love for herself nor feels the Love of God that surrounds her always, waiting the moment that will come when she will be awakened to it again. Instead she seeks love, honour and glory from her followers but not finding it, accepts fear instead. She would rather be feared than ignored and so demands attention from all, and offers in exchange Power - the gift of knowledge which is what Illumination brings. But knowledge without Wisdom can be a frightening tool particularly in the hands of those who do not know the fickle nature of their fallen Angel. And no knowledge is freely given, for Samael demands much from those who try to follow her, and always at a time to best suit herself. So the receiver of great knowledge can be brought to his, or her, knees at the 'right' moment - the moment that creates the greatest negativity, the energy that soothes the heart of Samael.

And so Samael began her game with the humans. She offered them Love and knowledge with the proviso that they did things her way. She gave them a set of rules to follow - rules that made sense in many ways, but that were littered with poison arrows, and she became their god - for she told them she had created them and that they owed her their very souls, and she named herself Jehovah Elohim, God of the Angels - 'for was she not the brightest and most beautiful in their estimation' - and in their forgetfulness humans believed her - for their silent God, who is watchful and loving, could not interfere - it would not take back its gift to humanity - freewill. In God's ceaseless journey, it could wait for them to grow.

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