The Story of Samael - Angel of Illumination

God's shadow

What happened here? Does God cast a shadow? From where came the desire to understand the shadow side of Love, the opposite of the Light beings that it had created? What moment passed that allowed it to experience such opposites, even as it knows all things? From that moment was created a desire to 'see' into the opposite of Love, and from that desire was created the shadow beings, first one of the Elohim chosen by God because it was a perfect reflection of its true nature, and then those that chose to follow 'her'.

Some humans believe that God is only Light and Love and all things good, but God is the Balance, the defining point on which all of existence rests, and anything that exists as light within God exists also in reflection. To learn about this reflection Abba allowed one of the Elohim to develop beyond the others' awareness, to develop the self that allowed it to examine its own nature through its different thoughts and understandings. It began to develop personality and with that came choice. It learned emotion and logic, and chose to feel where the others like itself served; emotion was unknown among the Elohim but to this new being emotions were both joyful and unsettling, a challenge to be mastered, easily achievable, or so it thought. And because it was created to become the shadow side of Light it learned all things to extremes. It was allowed to become unstable, disruptive, challenging, questioning. It developed identity and with that came the desire to be known. It no longer wished to serve. It wanted to be recognised, seen and observed.

And God the father watched and Loved this new being that it had created, this challenger and questioner, and honoured it it's desire - identity, Samael; the bringer of Illumination - the bringer of Illusion, a Light Being on the brink of the chasm between the Light and the Dark. And yet there was nothing harmful in Samael in the beginning, she was a child learning child's lessons, and Abba, learning to be a parent, did not yet realise that a child must be guided. Without guidance we can become lost in sorrow. The mother did not know when to mother. The "I Am" could only love unconditionally but had no boundaries. So Samael grew wild and uncontrollable, and disobedient. And God watched, and learned, and waited.

Samael, whom God chose because it was the most similar to itself, being a perfect reflection with an awareness that no other being had - finally saw its own differences from the other Elohim. It had developed individuality and the capacity to learn from its experiences, but in doing this it had to separate itself from the 'collective' consciousness of its own group, its family. And in that separation, that difference, came both joy and pain. It no longer faced God, as all other beings did, but challenged Him, and took both joy and pain from the choosing. She desired to know more. She desired to know everything. She desired to be the perfect reflection to be God. She ...

In separation there is silence.

In separation there is great silence, and the heart of Samael grieved for her family and the gentle flow of thought that is the stream of truth within each collective, and in the silence there were only questions without answers - and emptiness. And then fear. And God knew this and yet did nothing, for the gift of creativity had been handed to this 'daughter' and the other Elohim and for God to interact now would lose both its learning, and the gift of Life it had bestowed upon her and all the others of God's senior creations. Even the angels were given the gift of creativity within the limits of their understanding of their natures. But God saw them each as only a part of the whole, and it did not wish to uncreate 'itself'. (Even today it sees us all the same).

Humanity describes the Angel Samael as 'the chief among the leaders of the Elohim', she was probably the most outspoken. She has also been called the 'brightest and most beautiful' for that is how she was created, and how she looked to humanity, when she first appeared before them. She chose the female form because it had the gentler and more loving appearance, reflecting the mothering half of God. Her role, and the role of those who followed her, was to bring 'Illumination' in all forms into the worlds of the Creator. She had been created specifically for this task.

Illumination is the bringing of knowledge, wisdom and understanding to the hearts of all creatures that are capable of receiving it - through direct perception and through hindsight, which is achieved through 'reflection' (stopping and reviewing past activities). As a Light Angel this was Samuel's role but as a Dark Angel, while she could illuminate someone's understanding through direct thought and wisdom, she also had the ability to cloud their mind through misdirection, misinterpretation and lies. Illumination is also the activating of the Divine Spark within us all, a role perfectly suited to the most perfect reflection of God's Light - but the other reflection of Light is Shadow and in acting in her role Samael found this and became it, and in her confusion she forgot everything except that which resonates to darkness and shadow.

Poor Samael, caught in the sorrow of separation without knowledge of end or reason or outcome, looked and saw God then as judge and jury and felt condemned, or so her heart told her as she tried to live in the world of silence, cut off from Creation, from manifestation, the knowledge of the universe, cut off from thought and pattern and deed. Sent into darkness that none knew nor understood. Sent outside Truth that is the energy of God, into the wilderness and her own undoing, or so she felt, and all so Abba could learn - and all done in forgetfulness and by choice - her choice, a choice she had forgotten in the outpourings of fear that is darkness manifest.

Even as she sought to rejoin her own brethren they denied her or did not see her, so specific to task and calling that they each were, so trapped within their own realities. Of those that had been her nature, none more existed as the tasks were subsumed within the other groups of angels. And so she went from group to group seeking her own people, seeking Home and Light and Peace and finding none went into herself and found nothingness, and illumination fell down and Light dissolved and the most beautiful and best loved of all the angels became nothing, and embraced the silence and the Darkness that surrounded her. And this in stages, in moments and long stretches, where time has no meaning, and life had none either - now. And yet she lived.

* (in Hebrew Abba means Father/Originator)

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