Observing Michael

Specific to Task

I met a woman once who said to me, "Archangel Michael healed me", and I chuckled gently and told her it was not possible. She was very angry with me. She truly believed that the Michael had healed her, but all healing is done by the Raphael, because that is their calling. The Michael are our guardians and protectors, they are not healers and no amount of wishful thinking will change that.

The angels were created specific to task. They do only what they were created to do, and call in other 'experts' as are needed. The Michael stand between the light and the dark in the energy of the Way and in the Void - as humans describe the cluttered and noisy muddled stream of energy that runs between the worlds of humanity and the higher realms. They also stand behind the right shoulder of every human on the planet, keeping them safe from the overwhelming outside influence of Samael and her followers, but not interfering in human free will nor any life lessons we have chosen that include adversity that we sometimes think is more than we can handle, but in truth is simply a challenge to stretch us beyond the capacity we believe we are capable of achieving.

Their story is not like that of Samael, for the leader did not rebel and try to escape God's influence, but one third of the Michael fell from Heaven with Samael and became demons and began to work against humanity, for they are good at following their leader, and when they changed allegiance to Samael they became her soldiers. And only one third of those have woken again and returned to the Way through the gauntlet, the rest are still the enemies of humanity and God, and still seek to do harm in any way they can.

I have met other fallen Michael and the tricksters they can become. Before I tell this story I just want to clear up one fact, while Guides change, our chosen Guardian Angel stays our whole life long. The Guardian is a special class of Michael and every person living has one that is totally and wholly their own. It is not interested in any other person, has no other tasks and does not guide, but protects. Many people have Michael's for guides, but there are none that play a dual role.


A few years ago I had an experience where I thought I had changed guardian angels. Now, as I described in the last paragraph, this is not possible, but this talkative angel informed me he was my new guardian and for about a day I believed him, although the energy did not feel quite right. My true guardian did not seem present, but hindsight showed me that he had just stepped back from my awareness to allow me to have the lessons that the trickster had brought me. If the trickster had been any threat the Michael would not have allowed him through. Back to the story ...

From the first I was not comfortable with this character. He was completely unlike any guardian I had met before, more chatty (a Gabriel trait) and full of comments about anything and everything. There was no judgment involved in what he said (it would have been a giveaway) but he wanted to be centre of attention, something none of the Michael need to be. I questioned him closely but could not fault his wisdom and understanding, he was a true Michael and had the Michael's understanding of 'life', and so I let him remain for three days, until I got a phone call.

I have a friend in America who can see other people's guides. She happened to 'look' my way one morning and caught sight of the trickster, and he 'saw' her. (Another non-guardian trait because they are focused entirely on their person they are guarding.) Having become aware of the problem around me she was not sure how to deal with it, and so she rang another friend of mine in London - including finding his phone number without a clear address - and got him to ring me and tell me there was a problem with my new guide because she knew I trusted him (the man, not the new guide), who then rang me. Since I had not told either of them about the newcomer as I investigated him, it was a good confirmation that she was clairvoyant, for her (something we all like to receive), and an unsettling conversation when I rang her moments later. It seems the 'guardian' had been sitting in an armchair, and had stood up and mooned her.

And this was a Michael? How very human.

Caught out the 'angel' tried to defend himself by calling my friend a liar, but that only confirmed what I had already seen, that this Michael, while a true angel, though Fallen, was no guardian but a liar and a trickster. I asked the Michael angels with whom I work to gently send him Home. Which Home he went to I do not know. I have not seen a trickster around me since, but I have seen them around others. It is often their role to confuse and create fear. They inspire lack of trust in your guides and challenge you to work outside your 'safety' zones, much as the true Michael challenge us to try harder, test our boundaries and expand them. Can you see the subtle difference? My guardian angel once said that there is a grain of truth in every single lie - and it is this grain you must seek when dealing interacting with the spirit world.

People often ask me what the Michael look like. You cannot mistake a Michael for any other angel. The 'traditional' pictures show a tall being with a strong body and a round face with a gentle detached expression. This is a good beginning, though they seem to have forgotten the Michael's smile. Of all the angels I find the Michael to be the most joyful and the funniest. If there could be a joker among the angels, I believe it would be them. Most angels are over seven feet tall, but I have seen far taller Michael. They are always solidly built, to the point of looking like wrestlers if it suits the person they are guarding, and always have a sword - for a sword, used with skill and detachment, can be a useful tool for change, not just a deadly weapon. But then, this is just their human form. The angels are actually energy beings and look like beams of light in various colours, or upright, ovaloid shapes with gently swaying energy tentacles coming from the edge of the form. While this is a very similar description to negative energy attachments, the difference is the Michael stand between you and whatever is troubling you, the other form try to grab hold of you and stay attached.

My memory of the Michael is gentle strength and grace, and Love - Love that stretched into the past and future, and acceptance that brought peace. And that is what I received when I returned Home.

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