Nazuri - Path of the Chosen

The essence that is Nazuri
Healer yet humanity,
the golden sweetness of honey,
of the Christ;
The vibrancy of the Divine.
Strength of the lion and tenderness of the wind
as it caresses the soaring eagle,
Reaching out to touch,
to hold the child within.
At last the breath of peace;
Arms of impenetrable safety;
The smile of eternal love
that is Nazuri.

Some humans come into the world knowing they are here for something special, and spend their lifetime looking for some lost part of themselves. They meet people momentarily to whom they are very drawn, but these people often do not stay in their lives as they are sent in different directions. They come in called to the Light and will spend their lifetimes helping others, often to the detriment of their own well-being, and if they can connect with COLs then they find a deep sense of peace, and sometimes great frustration, as they struggle to help the COL help him or herself to become what the Nazuri know them to be - something special.

The Nazuri are a group of humans trained to keep the Children of Light on the path into Light. It is not always an easy job. They act as teachers, healers, challengers and friends. They inspire trust, and sometimes aggression, in those they have chosen to work with, for human frailty can often be frustrating for a quick-tempered COL.

The COL and Nazuri can choose to work together in their lifetimes, up-close or at a distance. In either case they are of great benefit to each other. They challenge each other to be more than what they think they can be, and greater in their love, trust, truth and faith in and of others. They are closer than best friends, a relationship that sometimes turns physical. The attraction will cross generations and defy sexual orientation and manifests as a need to be in the company of a certain person even when it does not make sense. A physical relationship between Nazuri and COL can be intense and sometimes overwhelming, but when it works it is energetically perfect, even if they two cannot communicate as clearly as they want to through words. It can seem like an odd relationship.

The angels once gave us this message:

"The role of Nazuri is to support the growth and development of a Child of Light until they can place themselves within their roles as human/Elohim contact. It is required of them to give whatever is needed to attain balanced spiritual growth, within the limits of their capabilities. To this end they are tested beyond what they think they can control, stretching them always so that they will be of true benefit, for without this stretching they might become complacent and open to distraction by those who wish to sway the balance of their charges. The testing of the COLs is to the same ends, providing challenge upon challenge to disallow complacency. To this end their lives will always be one of ups and downs."

And they added "this COL still thinks of herself as Fallen. Her concept of this is wise because it denies complacency. She understands the need for testing and accepts. She does well."

I am always grateful to the Nazuri in my life, because they believe in me during times when I find it hard to believe in myself. As I grew and learned to be my nature, they forgave my transgressions and helped me find peace, even as they challenged me to learn more quickly. It has been a joyful ride.

The Nazuri, who stay as long as the COL needs them, are often people who are fascinated by history, theology and languages. They choose the charges they remain with but are of benefit to any COL who may come within their Circle, even for a short while. They are greatly loved.

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