Book 1

Message for the Children of Light

When your purpose and direction is Soul Transcendence,
you will be moving up into God no matter what,
so that no matter where you turn,
no matter how dark your consciousness becomes,
no matter how much shifting, moving, or changing goes on,
you'll eventually end up back in alignment.

- John Morton

There is a war in Heaven and while it affects humanity it does not belong to them, nor are they the cause, though they are the reason. Those of us who walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior, who stand between the Light and the Dark and keep the Balance, exist because we must, because we have chosen to be here among humans at this important time. We work for the greater good, for Love and Truth and Trust, even as we shattered each of them in our journeys from Angel to Demon. We are called the Children of Light. Over four billion years ago we followed the rebel Elohim Samael into Darkness and became Fallen Angels. Now some of us are on the journey Home. This is not a book of myths and legends, but simple truths re-evaluated. I stand among humans as one of them, an anchor for Light rather than a servant of Darkness. My story is here, as is the story of Samael, our Dark Angel, and Michael the Light Angel who protects us all. You may also find yourself here.

There is a part of me that does not want to remember my existence as a demon, my falling from Love and Light and Grace into a place clouded in shadow, fear and pain. Nor do I want to remember turning my back on our Creator to follow someone who both fascinated and amused me. There are many reasons why we chose to fall, and each story is individual, but the outcome was the same. We became the opposite of all that was good, the opposite of our true natures, and we did it willingly, even if we did not understand the whole of what would happen to us. The demonic world feeds on negative emotions and, in our desire to experience 'everything', we did all things to extremes, and those who remain fallen still do. Every choice becomes unchangeable, every 'slight' unforgiveable and Hatred rules where once Love was the key.

Each demon resonates to a different negative emotion. Anger became the source of my power. I inhaled the energy, delighted in it, thrived on it, and I did not care who I hurt or how I hurt or what I did but to inspire that hatred of self in others that fed me and the flame that burned within my eternal soul. I remember confusion, as if the darkening of my bright colours in the heavy energy of those planes clouded also my understanding and any wisdom that I might have known since my creation. The demon 'me' sought only to inspire anger in everything I interacted with for it was all I knew and my only comfort. Humanity became my enemy where once it had been my charge, and I sought vengeance against them to satisfy my hunger for power.

Looking back, the memory fractures me. And there is not one, but multitudes of beings like me, all inspired to create the negativity that was life's blood, as Love and Light and Truth had been in that forgotten past. All that remained was a sense of something missing, never to be returned, our connection to our self that was in me my Michael nature. I was a protector who did not protect, a guardian who could not be trusted, a lost soul more lost than any confused human spirit, and a broken self - the self that no angel has ever experienced without falling, the divine gift of the Creator - individuality.

"Grant, O God & Goddess, Thy protection,
And in protection, strength,
And in strength, understanding,
And in understanding, knowledge,
And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice,
And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it,
And in that love, the love of all existences,
And in the love of all existences, the love of God & Goddess
God & Goddess and all goodness."

(author unknown)

Michael speaks:

Given a blank canvas to begin writing the story of the Fallen, I have often questioned why such information should be recorded about those that do not hold our best interests at heart, but written it must be, and by me who has been one their brethren, for who else can know the true nature of the Fallen but one of their own.

This is not my story, but the story of the one I followed. We fight for the same cause, to return Light to Light and Darkness to harmony so that they too can find their way back to the Creator. It is the last, and the most important, journey they will make, and they think it denied to them, and have taught that to their followers, and written into humanity's great books, the Bibles, which is sad because humanity has believed so much of what it has been told without question - but question we must. We can no longer live in a world of closed minds and closed hearts, and the internet has helped in this, showing the world a much smaller place than humanity first imagined, but it is also a source of despair, for what the Light will use for wisdom so will the Dark for confusion.

In the time before this world began we existed as energy, called into being by One who loved us but could not learn without exchange; that swirling flow of information that is so much a part of our everyday human lives, that symphony of sound that creates our 'realities'. That some turned their backs on that love is both a tragedy and a triumph, for the fallen grasped the gift of free will that had been given only to the humans who still do not appreciate its true worth.

The writer speaks:

Free will was what the angels ended up fighting for, and in a way losing, for those who retained it were thrown from Heaven, and those who lost it did not know what it was they were fighting for, so in a sense, I suppose, there was no true loss? The angels are servants, their will wholly focused on serving God, which is their Joy and their complete satisfaction. They require nothing else.

As you read these words you will see the conflict between angel and angel, and the confusion and frustration of the one who began the journey into the darkness for us all. But do not be mistaken, there are two voices in this story, two fallen angels, one in Darkness and one in Light, and the story comes from both, two different understandings now, two different truths to be sorted wheat from chaff. Two different views of Abba, our Creator, still the focus of our emotions, whether Love and Hatred. And the story is important to humanity, whom, through the loving and hating, we both still try to reach.

Woven into this journey is the story of the Michael, seen through the eyes of the warrior, and story of the Samael, who brings illumination even as she brings illusion and delusion. Each has their own verse and rhyme, each their own knowledge. Can you see one from the other? And also is the voice of humanity, who are the focus of so much of this effort, for it is humanity who can save the Fallen - and themselves. And it begins, as the whole journey did, with Samael our Fallen Angel.

It is November 2016. I first wrote this book back in around 2005 while on a holiday in England. In the ten years it has been on the internet, I have never before been written to about my gender bias. For those who think I am deriding women by giving Samael the female gender, and God the masculine, please note the following.

My story is read by people from all over the world, and from many different faiths, also many different genders - as there appears to be more than two these days. I wrote it as I 'saw' and experienced it, through contact with Samael who 'looked' female, although we both knew 'she' wasn't. The explanation for my choices is this:

The use of the female gender - Samael is a demon and therefore an emotive (emotional) beings, ego driven as humans are. As human females are seen as emotional beings and men are seen as logical (though I question that assumption at times), therefore I give her the gender 'she'. In truth angels and demons have neither gender.

The use of the male gender - The Creator being whom the angels call Abba (pronounced Ar-bar), I name here, for sake of brevity, God. IT too has no gender, or perhaps has both. The Jewish faith believes that 'God' has seventy-two names, and there are multitudes of others for IT on the planet. You may call God what you will, 's/he' answers to all names equally. Read on

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