The energy of humanity is eternal and limitless, but they, like the angels, are created beings. They had a beginning, but because their minds could not comprehend the reality of not 'being', they had no knowledge of their creation. They do not know the eternal 'now' that the angels exist in for they required interaction, which means they endlessly questioned everything. The energy of the 'now' is a circle in which each Angel stands, but human existence is a linear experience. They were, and still are, energy beings, a collective family of many parts, all sincerely believing in their individuality, and yet needing none to exist.

Like Samael, to interact humanity had to reflect itself, and they did this through the individual parts, the male and female, the young and old, through tribes and pigments. They learned love through trust and truth and challenge but, being in the Light of unconditional love, they did not learn much or quickly.

The Elohim created humans, and God created worlds for them that were perfect, and the first one it named for Love as the humans then understood it - Eros, a garden world where all the needs and wants of Men were satisfied, that existed within the planes of Heaven but not in Materiality. And this world is recorded in your memories as Eden, the perfect land from which 'first man' and 'first woman' were cast in sorrow. Humanity existed on this world as spiritual beings through observation, rather than interaction, but the seed of discord, planted in them at their creation, was growing, and so they strove to change their perfect world, to conquer and control it. And this need was fostered by Samael.

When Samael came and offered humanity a world of interaction some were ready for a change and went with her to Terra, the world created for her by God. Others went into the materiality that was available through the world that God had created for them named Eros, and so they lived on two planets in the solar system that is now familiar to us all. But this was not enough for Samael. As her spirit darkened she desired that all humans follow her, and so she created a plan. She would work with the energies of the sun and the planets and make Earth the only planet inhabitable by them, and she would remove any obstacle that was in her way, and Eros was an obstacle.

Step by Step - Humanity in many parts

In a generation or two Men will explore the asteroid belt that flows between Mars and Saturn and will find there the remnants of a civilization that was both advanced and beautiful on the remains of the world called Eros. It was destroyed by the effects of a solar flare that changed the structures of the inner three planets in our system. That solar flare was created by the impact of a celestial body that crashed into the sun. Mars, only slightly touched by the energy, was the closest planet for the humans to escape to, and escape they did, leaving behind their advanced societies, and taking only what they could easily carry, for they had no warning, or ignored it. We do not know whether Samael created this situation, but it certainly worked in her favour. Many people died during the destruction of the planet and many more during the journey from one world to another, but beings created by God are eternal, and all of them still existed awaiting a new world, and Samael offered them hers.

In a time of trauma many people turn towards God and demand to know 'why bad things happen to good people'. Their God did not answer, for it does not interfere, but Samael did. She wove a story of their desertion by an uncaring entity and sang them songs of Love, her Love, her caring for them and her desire to protect them, and they listened, and then they followed her.

Humans naturally default to the Light, they flow back towards God, but the Light they followed then was an illusion. Samael took the living humans, and those in spirit who wished to follow, to the world that God had given to her, deep in the energy of the third dimension when other humans already lived - and the humans went with her because they venerated her as their creator and were grateful for her help. For many of the spirit beings going with Samael to her world meant leaving behind their energy existence and coming down into materiality under her influence and control, but having experienced materiality before on Eros this was not difficult to do. On the new world Samael offered them a material body created 'from the dust of the Earth' which they accepted, but while they were very good, nothing Samael creates will ever be perfect, so these 'created' bodies of Men failed and died, and their extended lives, which they had experienced on Eros, were lost to them forever. The Bible speaks of men who lived 900 years or more, but the forms that Samael created for her followers could not exist that long. (Genesis 2)

And the others who ran from Eros' destruction began a new life on Mars - one based on the old ways on Eros - but Mars was already dying and so they stayed there only twenty-two generations while the planet dried up around them and their wisdom, knowledge, love and understanding dried up too. In the end, before Mars could no longer sustain them, Samael offered these Men her world again, and they moved 'towards the Light', or so they thought, and onto the world that God gifted to Samael. And so all of humanity finally arrived on the world of the Dark Angel.

And the energy of discord, which was the heart of Samael, worked on the energy of humanity and clouded their wisdom and their judgment, just as it had Samael and her followers. And humanity forgot their divine connection and their connection to their spiritual families, and knew only separation which is the nature of individuality. They forgot God in the abiding presence of Samael and they turned to her for wisdom and protection, until the day she 'fell' to Earth and turned against them.

And then Humanity learned suffering and loss and pain both through the Separation, and then through the trials and troubles created by their angry 'angel'. They worshiped Samael through fear instead of God with love, for they 'knew' her as the creator being - for in a sense she was - she had been one of the Elohim who had created Men. In that way they were saved, still honouring the true Creator in their Spirit while their physical bodies honoured Samael, God saw and understood, and in divine Love, accepted.

And the story of the Fall is remembered in the Bible as the story of Adam and Eve who took on the knowledge of Good and Evil and were thrown out of Heaven ....

Earth, which humans still call Terra, became a place of terror where no harmony is ever truly found; where every task is a challenge, and where humans come to experience life through cause and effect, and Samael, being the Illuminator of all, became the perfect teacher of cause and affect.

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