Book 3

Heaven & Hell

What is Heaven? The Christian definition of Heaven is a place that which has no pain, no fear, no trials - in other words different from Earth. It can be a place of waiting for those who believe in Resurrection, when someone will come along and pull them out of their graves, or out of purgatory, and tell them it is all right for them to go to Heaven, or that they have been condemned to Hell. The Buddhists have a different understanding, seeking Nirvana, which is nothing and everything. In any of these cases humans create a reality that fits in with their belief systems.

Heaven will always be different for every person because it is first created by the energy of their human belief system, until they go through a time of healing again, and then they return to the energy of their collective families and Heaven opens up. When you are between lives you exist within the heart of Spirit/God, you require nothing for everything is available to you, and you seek nothing for everything is there. It is a time of resting, of recuperating after hard work (your life on Earth), and of integrating and understanding the lifetime you have experienced, what you went to learn, what you achieved and what aspects of Love and yourself still need to be worked on, on your next journey. As human beings, because of our insatiable curiosity, we do not stay long between the planes.

Creating heaven on earth means changing how you view this world, and your place in it. It is not impossible to find a place of peace within yourself and have it manifest into your surroundings. It is what we all seek to achieve in those moments we allow ourselves to connect with our divine nature, before falling back into materiality and 'getting on with life'.

Heaven to the Angels is God, and Heaven to demons is that which satisfies their demands for recognition.

What satisfies a demon's need for peace? What satisfies a Child of Light's? The demon seeks gratification of its wants and needs, just as a human does, but its wants are to create pain and fear (or whatever emotion drives it) in others, and so in doing this it undoes the peace in anyone who interacts with it. It seeks them out, and in the act of sabotage or mayhem finds 'peace'. For the Child of Light, having walked both in the Peace that is God, and the 'peace' that is demonic, satisfaction comes in small measures. When we bring Joy to others we achieve a measure of Joy within ourselves. It is in service that Heaven is found for the COLs, and only in service. When we deny our need to give to others, we are more demonic in our calling than angelic, and it is the angelic we are working towards once we manifest as human.

So what is Hell?

Just as we can create our own heaven, we can create our own hell.

Many religions have a place of punishment for humans, which is a home truly perfect for demons but the only demons that reside there are human created ones, not fallen Angels and Samael's other followers - and there is a difference. Hell fulfils a role in religious society as the place where 'bad' people go when they die. It is where they expect to go after lifetimes of behaviour unacceptable to the society they live in and where they wish others to go to when they are angry and hurt. They develop it in their imagination, and being Creators, if enough people believe the same thing, they bring it into reality in the energy planes.

The belief in a demonic hell has been fostered by many religions as a control measure over the human population and a political tool. It serves the churches well to make their priests and teachers the only people who can save others from going to Hell. In some of the Christian churches people were taught that if they confessed their sins to a priest they could do penance and then God would not condemn them. And then there was the choice of paying for absolution with cash. They were also taught that if they make a 'deathbed' conversion and said they believed in God they would not go to Hell, even after a whole lifetime of doing harm to others. Now the latter part of that sentence is true, but not because you believe in God, or say you do, or change your beliefs from fear - it is true because God loves unconditionally and regardless of how you behave, God will deny no one healing. The fear of God is fostered to make people follow their religion's rules, regardless of whether they make sense or not. It is in the best interests of the church as a political structure to have people frightened of what God might do to them, it keeps them controllable, and it is also in their best interests to keep the only access to God through ordained priests, priests who must also surrender their free will to the church to do their work.

However, having said all that, people do die and in their near death experiences go to visit places where they are tortured and punished, seeing horrors beyond their imagining and coming back into their bodies terrified of dying again and returning to those places. Yes, in a way these places are very real as I mentioned above, and humans can go there after dying - but they do not remain very long, for the Light of Heaven soon draws them out again and sets them onto the path of Peace. When someone comes back into their physical body after a terrifying Near Death Experience they return with the memories because they will take that knowledge and use it to change their lives, and their viewpoint of reality in all forms. Lessons always happen for a reason. And it is not always 'bad' people who have these experiences, for hells exist because humanity believes in them. So how did it begin?

There are many different types of hells. There are those we create within our heads during our lifetimes. We might foster a belief that we belong in hell, or will be happy to go there, because we have done things we cannot forgive ourselves for, and think no one else will, including God. This belief may well lead to a 'hell' experience, which in truth is more like a bubble of energy that traps us after we die - one we can be rescued from quickly enough when we are ready to be.

There is the hell where 'God's' punishment is meted out, but a God who loves unconditionally would not have created a place like this so it is a human created entity and therefore an illusion. But it also acts as a gathering place for lost human souls, and many 'Rescue workers' will spend time there clearing it out, which may lead to them coming back into their bodies with memories that are more like nightmares and 'scenes of hell' from sleeping, rather than from NDE's.

And then there is a place in the energy of the planes of Heaven where fallen angels live and created beings go to rest. I read once it was called Pandemonium, but my memory does not include overwhelming sound. Instead I remember red heat, the suffocating red heat of an internal world, an enclosed space with no sky but a ceiling, curving over our heads - and I wonder, when God said 'I will give you a world' did it really mean the planet Earth? There is a belief that beings live within the earth, but they are not demons, for the planes where demons dwell only interacts with the energy of this planet, just as the planes of Heaven do, and where they touch they create vortexes, Gates of energy that are watched over both by the Light and the Dark. These places are not fit for human habitation and my heart goes out to anyone who ends up trying to live within the energy.

No, the world that is the opposite of Light, the opposite of Heaven, is dark and dim and hot and humid for a reason; where yellow light dominates in the world of Earth restoring the central core (solar plexus chakra) of human energy everyday, red light, that which inspires the deeper and more dominating emotions, shines over all of 'hell'. It has been proved, in colour therapy, that an overabundance of any one light scheme is not healthy to the human body. Too much red can make you aggressive, the perfect inspiration for demonic beings - so close as they are to the human energy form. And what happens on Earth affects the energy both of 'heaven' and 'hell', and what happens in both affects here. Most people know the saying now, "as above so below". And the colour of Heaven? Planet Earth is surrounded by it, the true blue of the sky above our heads, reflected through the throat chakra, where all words of Truth are spoken. But back to Hell ....

In these 'worlds' of Hell there are places that satisfy the needs of all demonic beings. There is a place where anger feeds the system and others for lust, hate, fear, sloth, grief and frustration, to name a few. There are places where you can be tortured for your beliefs if it is your wish. This is a perfect place for fallen angels who are still lost, and Children of Light who are still learning to heal.

Not all souls who die in pain and fear become trapped, but when they do they are called 'lost' until they are rescued and then they are Spirit again, just as you and I are Spirit, living out our lives in physical bodies but they are more likely to stay within the energy of humanity than to venture into hell levels. And there are many, many lost souls on planet Earth today, thanks, in no small way, to the fostering of the human belief in hell and damnation. Fear is a great barrier to healing.

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