Samael continued

Growing Discord

God is everything, and therefore the Darkness is also part of God, and shadow and discord are part of Darkness. Denying that aspect of God is denying the Light, for one cannot exist without the other. And Samael, who began in the Light, stepped into the shadow that exists between the two as she learned about her nature as Light Bringer; for the Light that has no reflection does not exist, and so she learned about Shadow and then Darkness, and she spread this darkness around her.

And then the Angel of Darkness went among the children of God and gathered to her those that reflected her energy and her beliefs, and she took them from each of the groups of angels being without the boundaries that controlled the actions of the others, drawing on the energy of Light to feed her darkness. And she learned from them in the reflection of their Light. And her followers, those she slowly gathered to her, being the only group to know darkness, learned with her. And she sought from them reassurance of her own worth, Love in confusion and Self-acceptance which she no longer knew how to find. And they gave to her acceptance, which they could not find within themselves, and the shadow grew in confusion.

God also learns from the different reflections of itself. It inspired the aspects of itself, the angels it had created, to test the boundaries that discord had laid within them. It allowed Samael to grow into her shadow nature, for there is much to learn from separation, and in her pride Samael pulled away from Source. The further from God she went the more the energy of her 'self' changed, it slowed and darkened. We do not know when Samael became 'at one' with the frequencies of the Darkness but as all things that happen in Heaven are known to God, she followed the path that the Creator had laid down for her. She learned well the ways of Shadow and Discord - for where Light illuminates Truth it also shows errors and mischief - and she grew dissatisfied with the small role she saw herself playing among the Elohim and wanted more. She went to the Creator and asked for a task befitting the 'greatest of the Elohim', for that is what she now believed herself to be - she wanted to create, as God had done, beings that would reflect her inner beauty - to feed the fire she felt was going out.

The angels are an expression of the many aspects of the Creator, each perfect in their own way, but limited to the patterns on which they were created. The Samael were Illuminators, the Michael are Guardians, the Raphael Healers, all parts of the greater whole that creates the Being humans know as God. Samael, without the input of energy (the focus and understandings) of the other Elohim, could not create whole and balanced beings, and without her own group, now gone, could not create others like herself. Anything that she attempted to create would be flawed and limited. God, knowing this, refused her request and Samael went away dissatisfied and grew angry - and the Creator watched Discord working in Samael and learned, and saw it spreading among the beings of Heaven in Samael's wake - which we cannot say was unexpected.

There is no measure of time among the heavens, and we, as humans, cannot know how long the Elohim existed within the energy of Discord as Samael worked among them to unsettle their peaceful states of mind and their pure and simple acceptance of their roles. Samael's need to shine had outgrown her Love of God as she realised that she could not be seen in the Light of God's reflected glory. In other words, she lost sight of her own beauty and perfection. She wanted to be like God, or be God, and knew she needed something to create that - a reflection of herself in which to see her own perfection just as God had created her and all the other angels to do just that - but God would not let her create them. And so her dissatisfaction spread more discord and with it swept the winds of change - and yet in this she was still following the directions laid down for her by her Creator. But there are more emotions than discord that flow from Love, and Love is still the ruling force in Spirit, so God loved and Samael grew bored - until she had another idea. And so she went among the other 'Voices' (leaders) of the council of the Elohim groups and expressed a desire to create, just as their 'Father' had created, and she was very persuasive, and they listened. And the Creator watched.

After a time the 'Elohim', as a group, requested of the Creator a gift - to make a species that was not perfect, but one that through interaction could teach all of them about themselves. This satisfied the Creator, who desired to learn about itself, and it gave them, its servants, permission to create humanity - still the perfect beings in the energy of God but not so perfect that they could not interact with each other.

But how could that be? How could something be perfect, but not so? Because within the energy of humanity was planted the same need to 'know', the sense of dissatisfaction and discord that still grew within Samael. The other angels existed without this desire for knowledge outside of their own natures, but humanity would be different - they would grow and learn and change and become 'self' aware. So into each of the components of the human energy was given 'ego', the self-defining element that is known as individuality.

And so humanity came to exist within Love, in peace and harmony on an energy world created for them by God, but among the Elohim the peace was broken, for each of them wanted something specific from the humans, and the humans could not provide everything to everyone at once, so the Elohim quarrelled - and the Creator watched the interaction and learned much about discord and wished to test it more, so discord became an energy available to all the angels and Samael's power began to grow.

And the darkness that is discord spread among the children of the Creator until it began to overtake Spirit. It affected all the beings that existed within the world of Spirit, until the Creator chose to make a change. It called Samael to it. "Go among the angels and choose one third to work with you on a project that will be illuminating for all", and proud to be so obviously singled out, Samael did. She went among the Elohim and the angels and chose the Lightest, in her opinion, and they followed. And who were the Lightest? Those who agreed with Samael, who saw her as a leader, who thought her wise and shared her values. Those already in the shadow of the Dark, including me.

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