Greater Demons

I am not going to give you the names of greater demons. Many of them are already spread through other books and on the internet. To name them is to give them power, and that is not a wise choice when you want them to stay out of your way. Greater demons do not just jump straight into a person's 'life' and try and harm them. First they test the 'waters' around them, challenging their victims in small and insignificant ways, to find out if they are open to receiving guidance of a darker nature. This guidance can sound like a gift from Heaven, for there is always a touch of Truth in any lie, but if a person is wise, and wisdom comes from experience, they will feel the shiver of discord in the message, and be unsure of whom has sent it.

The dark is an insidious force, secret and of soft whispering. That is the best way to weaken an opponent, to find his or her secret longings. And they will answer those wishes of the heart until they have you spun around their fingers, and then they strike. To work with demons you must give and give of yourself, first small and unimportant things, but then the price increases with each transaction, and the person either learns to darkly love their 'helper' or grows in fear of them. The fear, or the co-operation, is of equal value, for both feed the hunger of the entity to which it is given willingly. And there is the trap, for you cannot escape the pattern without help, and when you are co-operating you want none, and when you are frightened you are empowering that entity until it can harm you - and it will, have no doubts about it. The minute you try to draw away it will drag you closer. But these are demons of some intelligence - let me speak of others.

Thoughtforms and Created Entities.

Single entity thoughtforms, collective entity thoughtforms, small demons with minor intelligence, human-created demons (daemon).

Humans are the creators within the spiritual realms. Does that surprise you? It was a gift of the Father of Light, our Creator, the aspect of Self that it did not give to the angels. A challenge also, to see what you would, in your free will, manifest into reality. With every thought and emotion you create a bubble of energy that, while small, is a magnet. It attracts like-minded energy, joy to joy and anger to anger. These bubbles float away into the ether and are forgotten, until they grow - then the lighter side are useful for healing tools for our guides and angels, and the darker side are also useful for those of the shadow nature. As like attracts like so do the bubbles expand with each new absorption of the same energy. Joy to joy is wonderful for the being connecting to that energy, but anger to anger? There lies trouble.

One small bubble of anger created by you today is only a momentary action, another tomorrow, another later? How many does it take to make an entity, a thought-form, so full of anger than anything it touches goes from peace into rage in a moment? It has happened to me. It has happened to people that I know, and anyone is vulnerable - not just Lightworkers. Put enough of those energy bubbles together and you create an entity that develops some self-awareness and knows that it is hungry. Then it starts to seek out people to inspire to anger, it becomes a small demon, lacking true intelligence, but like an insect it needs to feed. And where does it find sustenance? From the beings that created it - Man.

A human being wearing an anger thought-form (called an attachment or astral larvae) can develop uncontrolled mood swings and come to live in a state of murderous rage, fear or suicidal depression. While sometimes life circumstances can create the same sort of response, the healing time is far shorter once the entity is removed. The energy of the entity changes the structure of the aura, beginning with the small hole through which it has sent a tentacle to connect through base chakra, to opening larger tears closer to all the lower chakras. If it has been in residence for a long time, the person will also wear tentacles through brow chakra as it seeks to control thoughts, not just emotions. Removing it is a delicate process, and must be quickly done, for the healer is likely to become the next victim if he or she does not protect their energy system well before doing the work. The entity will happily transfer to someone new and begin the pattern again. Once removed and returned to the atoms from which it was created the person recovers 'miraculously', or so they feel. In fact it might be many weeks before they truly feel like themselves again, but the change brings tremendous relief.

One lady I knew came to see me, driving over an hour from her home, because 'she knew I could help her' after seeing my face on a page about astrology in her local newspaper. She informed me, with great seriousness, that she was going to be dead 'tomorrow' when she arrived. The attachment she was wearing looked like a giant crustation, larger than her physical body, with tendrils all through her energy system although it had only been there perhaps a week. It was feeding from her overwhelming fear of death, which it encouraged to grow stronger from moment to moment. She would have not been dead 'tomorrow', she had a few weeks, but the entity was using her as if she was a milkshake, draining her energy system dry at every opportunity. Her death would have been classified as 'unknown causes'. It took her five weeks to feel normal again.

Entities attach to us through entry holes we create in our aura by our fears and actions. They are attracted to the emotions we produce and spend time and energy manoeuvring their way through the layers of the aura until they can find a comfortable place to reside, and then they settle in to stay. In moments of great joy and Love, when we produce a lot of Light energy small ones can be dislodged, but they can often ride out these waves of good feeling and re-insert themselves into their nooks - and then they invite their friends. A person can be infested with small entities, and if they are of the 'like' emotion, for example anger, the entities can interlink and grow larger.

This small form of human created demon is usually easy to remove although transference in slight and subtle ways is very likely. It has the intelligence enough to protect itself by detaching a small part of the 'self' and securing it somewhere either in the auric field of the original victim or the healer. While the larger host is destroyed, the entity remains 'alive' through the spark, and repeats the pattern.

As an entity like this grows the simple intelligence can develop into thought and this is where larger human created demons come from - created demons who copy the structure and abilities of those they have taken energy from. They begin to look human but they are still energy beings and cannot materialise. They copy because they cannot create anything different from what they know and see around them. They will pick a form that can be most effective in getting them the energy they need, or one that is familiar to humans. Humans are more accepting of something that looks like them, so a human shape is a logical construction.

One form of demon I 'saw' recently was man shaped but with leather wings. This is what people believe demons look like, and while this one was human-created, it had taken the form of an entity that was familiar to the person it had taken most of the energy from. At the time I caught sight of it, it was lying over the top of an ambulance as the vehicle was being driven at high speed down the highway with all lights flashing and sirens blaring. The entity was draining the life-force from both the patient and the driver. The vehicle was travelling at over 130 kilometres an hour but time seemed to slow down as it passed me, and the energy of the entity, which was discordant and electrifying, swept through mine, even through the protection my angels had placed around me at least 10 minutes before it caught up with me on the road. I was grateful it couldn't see me but did not realise why until after it had gone a long way ahead. When my protection was released it raised its head and looked back in my direction - but it had no eyes. The entity was not complete yet and that allowed it to be returned to atoms. A human created being can be destroyed, but a demon, or fallen angel, can only be injured. It then returns to pure energy until it heals and restores its shape. No angel can die as humans understand death.

So a human created demon can look like a man but cannot manifest - and a Child of Light can sometimes act with such thoughtless detachment that the humans who find themselves standing in its path may well see them as demons. But their true calling is to Love and so they learn and change and heal and grow, just as humans do, for they no longer wish to be demons, and they are helped by their angels, guides, Nazuri and spiritual family. A good support system when they allow it to function.

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