Gaia - Mother Earth

The 'mother energy' of the world is named Gaia, she who nurtures, and she nurtured humanity in soft and secret ways, and watched over them, and she and her children, the Elementals, helped them to learn and grow. And they suffered through humanity's blindness and through the greed of societies that saw her only for their own gain, and ownership, which is the energy of Samael.

The society of men, first created on Eros, had fallen far into the density of matter, the first of many rising and failings that humanity has experienced over the two billion years since its creation. Terra has been kind to shelter them for the last billion years, but the kindness has not been answered with love - instead man repeats the mistakes of the past. But Gaia is wise and knows that the children of the Elohim only need to be awakened to remember who they truly are - so she has woven her magic over the energy of her world, even as Samael has woven her spells over the hearts of man. And she spoke to her children, the Elementals, and reminded them that they too are the children of God and the brothers of Men, and for a time man and the elementals worked together.


Every planet that was created for humanity reflects the energy of creation through the 'Mother' or nurturing energy of God. Without this nothing would grow. Humanity, in its infinite and varied forms, requires an environment that feeds and sustains it. To that end God created the elemental beings, a species that is similar to humans in that it exists as both male and female energy within groups and families that have a matriarchal focus, but their understanding of their environment is far different from human understanding, for it is more interactive with the flowing of the energy of the planet, and they cannot exist without it. The children of these groups play as human children do, and grow and learn, but they no longer interact with humans and have become part of the myths and legends that come out of our past. The forms that manifested on planet Terra, known to its humans as Earth, are elementals of Fire, Air, Earth and Water and stay within these groups.

They are extremely intelligent and know that they do not require Men to survive, but they share the planet with us, and allow us to 'be', even if we do not treat them the same way. When Men destroy the environment we also destroy these beings, for they cannot exist without nature. Nor can Men exist without them for less intelligent forms of elementals function within the human body sustaining and repairing the damage we do to ourselves on a daily basis.

The Nature elementals I have experienced have not always been friendly with Men. They have no reason to be for we are the great destroyers of their world. We have no respect for their homes, the forests and the open plains, the rivers and the sea. We take what we want from the land and leave it barren. We do not respect boundaries, nor even see them, and the elementals being so small, do not always have the capacity to regenerate what we have destroyed.

The trust of elementals

I met a beautiful elemental 'Mother' on some hilly land near Armidale, Australia owned by a client I will call Peter. This Mother had a group of 'children' that she led. (All those in her family she called her children, no matter what ages they seemed to represent.) She looked old and wise. She was not tiny as we imagine the fairies to be, she stood nearly four feet tall, was long and thin and reedy and a soft shade of blue, both skin and hair which hung down over her whole body. She was clothed in cloth that could have been made from leaves, in various darker shades of blue, but leaves far bigger than any bush in the environment she lived in. She was guardian of the hills and creeks on the land her family watched over. They did not have a concept for 'ownership', only for wardship, and she explained to us that if we would accept their requirements the land would thrive.

One of the simple requests the 'Mother' made was to 'not take anything living'. There were plenty of fallen trees on the land, but one day quite soon after we had contacted the elementals Peter decided to chop down one very tall, straight and rather old tree - for firewood for next year. It still had leaves at the top of the trunk, but it was obviously dying. I was visiting the farm and we had only discussed the issue under the tree for a few minutes before we became aware of a great sense of displeasure. We went to have some lunch at a house twelve kilometres from the farm and the awareness followed us, growing stronger and stronger. In the end we both agreed to go back to the farm and there were brought to our knees.

At the farm we were split up in a simple way, I found that I could only go back to the centre in one direction, and he in another. The force on my chest nearly choked me when I chose to try and go in a different direction. I was taken to a spot I had named the Heart Circle because the energy there was always gentle and loving. It was very close to the tree we had discussed taking down. Here I was reminded, psychically, of the agreement that we had made with the elementals to only take fallen trees. I was asked if I was one of the many humans who did not honour their agreement with the 'Land'? I was also reminded that since I can communicate with elementals, I should know better than to deny the agreement made. The Mother was very, very, angry, and rightly so, for it was only a week since Peter and I had spoken to her the first time. The fact that I had argued vehemently with the owner was worth nothing, I had 'agreed' with his taking the tree.

On the other side of the creek Peter was going through his own experience. He was filled with an intense sense of dread that frightened the living daylights out of him. He said he thought he was going to die. He was not allowed to move from that spot until the 'Mother' had finished her lecture to me, then I was allowed to move cautiously down the hill and across the creek. I told him the Mother was angry and disappointed that he would deny his agreement with her and take a living tree. He was frightened enough to change his mind. They had not offered us any harm, but had shown us that they are strong enough to enforce their choices when we agree to work with them. You cannot make an agreement and then expect them to accept your change of mind. They do not understand any circumstances that are not in the best interest of the land and nature, and certainly do not accept your claim to ownership of any of Mother Earth.

When you contact the elemental world you make an agreement with them to recognise that they are everywhere and in every part of nature. You cannot do it to suit yourself, finding them in a park but not in your backyard, or in one tree but not in one you wish to chop down.

But the Mother is forgiving, as are all the elementals of Spirit, and our relationship returned to normal after a time, but not for long. One day I was told through a friend that Peter went back to the old ways and the nearly died when a huge branch of another tree fell on him when he was cutting it. Are we always so blind that we break agreements whenever it suits us? Yes, that is history of Men with this world, and needs to change.

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