Samael Continues

The Mother of Lies whom humans call Father

Samael, who wanted to be the greatest angel in Heaven, finally realised the permanency of her choice to claim the Solar System/Earth as her own when she tried to return to the higher energies and met the Guardian Angels. At the command of God, the Michael had placed a barrier between the worlds of Samael and the rest of the created universe. Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) saw this barrier when he travelled with the angels during his visions in the 1800's. It exists today to keep Samael and her followers from affecting the rest of the Heavens with their energy.

Samael did not tell her followers of this barrier when she first met it. She did not tell them they could not go Home. They had to find it out for themselves. And when she did explain to them, she spun a tale to make them feel abandoned by God so that she could remain their leader, and so that they would Love her the way they, the now fallen angels, had loved God. She craved their adoration and would do anything to achieve it - including lie. And she lied to humanity while she Loved them, and when she hated them, no truth would be wasted on them. Illumination became Lies in the darkness.

She had achieved what God had asked of her teaching Illumination to many beings, but in the process she had become the true shadow side of Love. In that final shift into the discord of third dimensional energy she became Darkness personified, the opposite of the angels, who are Light, and the opposite of her true nature. She had finally achieved what she wanted, to be the brightest and best angel in the Light - for she could not see the darkness within which she was Illuminated. And God watched and learned from the unbalance that was its fallen angel and Loved her unconditionally, just as it loves all of us. But this love no longer gave Samael the freedom to disrupt the heavens so Samael learned hatred - for hatred is the opposite of Love in some forms, and her hate was dense and dark and easy for her to do. And she taught her hatred, and her fear and her judgments to her followers and they practised and grew strong in them.

And God watched and accepted, knowing that at any time Samael and her followers could choose the Way Home, but first they had to release their fear and hatred and pride, those emotions that they now experienced deeply and with intensity that comes from existing in the dimension of discord. And being 'of spirit', still energy beings, they could choose to make that change in a moment and return, but they did not because they did not know. The Mother of Lies would not allow them this knowledge.

Samael had what she finally wanted, a place where she truly felt 'alive', just as the humans did. And in the darkness that was the nature of the brightest Angel reflected, Samael forgot her agreement with God, and saw only her pain and fear, and her loneliness for the energy of Heaven (which was unexpected to her) and the Love that she thought was no longer accessible. She thought God hated her now, and looked for someone to blame - and found the humans. In her clouded thinking she 'knew' they were responsible for the 'fall' though she no longer remembered why. She 'knew' it had not been her own choices as she was no longer taking responsibility for everything she created, as the angels do. And she lavished on the humans as much hate as God had lavished Love on her in Heaven. She had no regrets for she remembered nothing, for darkness cloaked her vision and her memory.

The works of God are sometimes hard to understand. It gave to the angel that tested it the most challenging task, to go into the energy of unbalance, become unbalanced and then through that experience teach humans about Love - and she does. Samael does not know that she is still helping God learn about Itself. She only knows that she hates and fears the Being she thought cast her out of Heaven. She does not remember that it was her choice and her wish to help other beings to learn - the perfect task for an Elohim. But she is not to be seen as an angel while she resides in the energy of Earth, for she is the reflection of all the good she can do - she is profoundly unloving, uncaring and full of hate. That is how humans describe evil.

And so it remains today.

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