Easter continued

And in that moment, suspended as he was, and purely human, his spirit, the pure energy of the Christ being, descended into 'Hell', just as every other human being did, and he stood among all the other people-in-spirit who waited there, for the judgment of 'God' or for something else. And that was when Samael thought she had won. She thought that she had arranged the destruction of her enemy, the Son of God.

Samael soared over the body of the crucified Jesus and laughed in triumph; and spread her hate-filled satisfaction over the watching crowds. But that was the moment Samael lost, for as the skies grew dark and humanity fell to its knees, the Light of Heaven, which is the energy of the Christ, divided into a billion, billion pieces and spread across the world becoming part of every person living, and all humans-in-spirit who remained upon the world and in "purgatory", and even touched the heart of Samael and her followers - a none-too-gentle reminder of Home. And in that moment Samael lost her grip on humanity, and humanity regained its true free will - and changed.

The Light of Heaven entered into Jesus once again and that was the key that broke the lock that kept humans-in-spirit trapped. It was a judgment levelled against Samael, not by God, but by Men and it was a choice made in Love, not hatred, for Jesus died loving God and humanity and took that Love into the darkness that had controlled the human world and Illuminated it, just as Samael would have done when she was an angel.

Samael could no longer control humanity, nor keep them trapped, nor defy the fact that humans had the free will gifted to them by God who called them Home. And they went Home. You see, Samael had forgotten - we are all God's children and It will never abandon us. How could God when we are created 'of' its energy.

There are many beautiful painting of the redeeming of humanity. Some people believe they show the 'second coming', but they are the subconscious memories of the painters and other artists who were freed at that time of the crucifixion. We returned to the patterns the Creator had wanted for us, learning about Love through many lifetimes. No longer trapped in the hell created by Samael, humanity is free to roam the worlds of Spirit once again, but Samael and her followers are not that free yet.

Looking at it afterwards you can realise that if Jesus had known what was planned by the Light he might not have acted the way he did. He had to despair, an emotion that fed Samael, had to be human, to be able to descend into hell and be the anchor for Light that freed the other trapped souls. Even in that act, not all of them chose to be free, but they were still given the opportunity and most of them chose it. Many people even now harbour memories of their experiences in the 'infernal regions', memories that are re-activated from time to time to give each person the impetus to heal and grow.

The memory of Hell plays straight into the hands of Samael who want to control the minds and hearts of humanity - and she is not the unconditionally loving and non-judgmental God. Samael is the one who needs us to Love and Honour her, for without our energy, and our fear, she and her followers go hungry. To inspire this they had to create things to fear such as Divine Judgment. Without a fear of eternal damnation in Hell humans might just happily get along with their lives, and allow others to get on with theirs, without the territorial disputes, the patterns of lack and worry, the comparison of what I have with what you have, and the fear of failure, among other ones that govern most people lives. How strange it would be to live in a world without fear which is the ruling force in the human subconsciousness. "I am not good enough" to be redeemed. Jesus, in surrendering to his 'fate' unlocked the prison which held a part of humanity and set them free - if they were willing and ready to go, but some were not.

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