Easter Continued

Jesus was taken down from the Cross after only a few hours, not long enough to kill him even with a spear wound in his side. He had played his role and God does not punish its servants, instead Jesus was healed and taken away from the scene as the Christ acted out the events necessary to secure 'its' place in the memory of 'their' followers. Jesus and his family moved away, but I did not know this then, instead I watched as his brother James and Jesus' friend Peter set up the churches that led to Christianity as we know it, and I grieved and grew angry, and slowly went mad. And there was no contact between Jesus and his brother for each path was very different, and they had never truly seen 'eye to eye' for James loved politics and power while Iesu simply Loved.

The other player in this drama was Judas. The role of Judas is still seen as the betrayer - the one who 'sold' Jesus to his enemies. But Judas was also acting out his part in the pattern, and should not be vilified for his actions. He did what he had to do to bring in the changing of the energy, and he did it because God asked him, not Samael.

The Light of Heaven exists for all to see. We find it within ourselves as a quiet candle flame that burns with eternal Joy. We were given back Heaven in that moment of sacrifice, when Jesus played out the role laid down for him before he came into the world, unconsciously knowing each and every part of it and denying none. His spirit descended into 'Hell' and reached out for all those humans that Samael and her followers had trapped in their realm and it set them free. No longer would they have to wait in 'purgatory', nor be tortured for their misdeeds, he had 'saved' them, freed them, and they went Home. (The belief in purgatory and hell for humans still exists in human subconscious memory, but I write more about this later.)

Many of the people who played out their roles are back in the world today, remembering and reliving the experiences of those times as they awaken to their eternal natures. Many COLs who were there to anchor Light and help bring in the energy of change are also here, waiting, not for the second coming of Christ, because its energy never left, but keeping the Light flowing on a planet that chooses to remain in the Dark. As each individual human awakens to their true nature, in whatever form or set of beliefs they choose, our work becomes lighter and the frequency of the planet increases. The higher the frequency humanity expresses the more uncomfortable Samael and her followers become as the Light contains and compresses the Darkness of their natures. They are being squeezed, in a sense, and the lighter beings, those that are ready to seek change are coming out of the darkness and finding healing. This makes Samael very unhappy and she does everything in her power to increase her hold over the energy of the world. Her influence is becoming more obvious as she no longer seeks only subtle means to influence people.

In the millenia between the coming of humanity to Earth and the coming of Light humans belonged to Samael. They came in three waves, and all by choice.

The first wave was just after the angels fell, and these were energy beings without human bodies. This group of humans has spent the longest time in Samael's influence.

The second was the group of humans-in-spirit who died on Eros during its destruction, and they followed Samael to Earth where they created human bodies for themselves 'from the dust of the earth'. She gave them the continent we now know as Lemuria.

The third were the group that came here after Mars was no longer suitable as a home world for human beings. They had truly human bodies.

In choosing to live on Samael's world they gave over their free will to her, to determine what happened to them while they lived, and when they died. In that time no human returned to the spiritual planes because the gates were kept locked by the Michael who guarded the energy of Samael's universe, and each human chose to follow Samael as their God. In the thousands of years of the reign of Samael many myths and legends were created, and many books in different forms that we now call 'sacred' were written by enlightened humans, but even these were influenced by the whispering of the fallen 'God'.


The other half of the Easter event was the Resurrection, the raising of the dead into eternal life in Spirit, just as Jesus was raised up and returned to life after his crucifixion. According to the Bible Lazarus was resurrected, raised from the dead back to physical Life, but Jesus became a Spirit, or perhaps he didn't. The debate is whether he followed the path of Lazarus and got on with his life, or died? According to some theologians Jesus and John, who wrote Revelations, are the same person - and I believe this also - but he did die, for without that moment of total surrender we would not have been redeemed. You see in dying he followed the pattern of all humans up to that time and went into Hell. But let me draw you a picture.

Over two thousand years ago the traditional execution of thieves and rebels was by crucifixion, and Jesus was certainly a thorn in the flesh of Jewish Orthodoxy. He defied their teachings, broke their rules and undermined their rigid social structures by his words and ways. He showed them their cruelty through his gentleness and pointed out their hypocrisy when they changed the rules to suit themselves. One of my favourite scenes was where he overturned the money-changers' tables within the temple grounds. I watched him do it. Religion had become a business.

So it was arranged that he be crucified, the story of which most people know, but the writings of what came after are brief or hidden. He was nailed to the cross and bore the pain well. He was hung up with other criminals and left to die while his family and friends waited for something - for a rescue, for God to intervene - and yet none came. Can you imagine their fear and despair? Can you imagine their grief, as the man who was supposed to be the Son of God, was not rescued by his own spiritual Father. Instead he hung there like a common criminal and died by inches, and there was nothing that anyone could do but watch it happen. The followers, those brave enough to go to the Crucifixion, lost heart but not all of them lost faith.

And Jesus, he breathed out his pain and held his faith and talked to God the way he had always done. He held onto it even as he tried to breathe through the increasing torment, to draw breath through the excruciating agony of torn and stretched muscles and skin. And he tried to hold his faith even when the energy of the Christ left him though he could have despaired then. He called out, "Eli, Eli, la'ma sabach-tha'ni?", that is "My God, My God why have you given me up?" because he did not understand what was happening, or why. He might have hated God and hated men but instead he chose for the Light because he asked God to forgive us because we did not know what we were doing - and it was true, we had no idea.

And then he died.

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