Daughter of the Demon

Fallen angel, daughter of the Demon, Child of Light, so I am in all my manifestations, and so I always will be, until I return to the Source of All Joy and give up my spirit, my individuality that had once been so important. I look forward to that day.

A female Michael is rare but not unheard of. We are as strong as the males, just differently shaped to fit in more with certain human understandings. There are those among you that would not accept a male angel, or a male at all for many different reasons, so we play the role of gender to help and heal. As a demon a female inspires lust in the males that 'call' her with their spells and magic. The shape and the nature become useful tools. And we like to be useful. I have only ever looked female.

Even after I had chosen Light it was not so easy to fit back into the rules laid down from Heaven. "Do not interfere in human free will". That is the requirement for the angels. It ties their hands when they would act in circumstances when one word can change the outcome of an event. But it does not stop a COL from reacting, for we have free will.

How much do you appreciate your free will? Do you know the value of this gift of Heaven? It allows you to test and try everything that comes into your life. It allows you to act out your emotions, to act on your decisions, and to break the 'rules' that govern the society you live in. It allows you to choose the lifetime of a murder, and healer, a doctor or a drunk. It allows you to be in perfect health or to fill your body full of substances that would kill - and no person can take it away from you without your compliance, and no angel can stop you from exercising it - ever. Free will is the gift that the Creator gave to humanity, but not to the angels - until Samael was asked to fall - and had to choose. Can you imagine being a servant?

My role as sword

The Michael call me Sword, they also call me Daughter. It is a joy to be both. I remember when they first gave me my shield and I asked them about a sword. "Not until you learn not to poke people" was their answer. That was a long time ago. The sword I carry is not a hand weapon, but the ability to cut through all sorts of energy problems, and help those who are besieged by demons of various levels, for I have some of the abilities of angels without the limits they act under. And I understand how demons think and what drives them. But it does not always make me kind, for I can choose to work with the detachment necessary to separate truth from fiction, and can use truth as a weapon to change people's lives. I am not bound by old conventions, nor do I particularly care when they are thrust upon me, for I can ignore them at will, and dissolve them, just as I have dissolved the curses that others have laid against me and the people who seek me out for healing. And humans do seek COLs out, drawn to the energy of the dark even as they seek the Light, and they will love us or hate us, for there is no middle ground.

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