The Coming of the Dark

First there was God,
then there was Will.
They split and Light and Darkness were
on the earth and "of" the Earth,
as is written in your bibles."

Samael speaks of humanity:
It is not that we truly resent them, for they are children in comparison to the depth of wisdom that the least of us holds, but they are also favourites of the One whom we have denied and have become toys and playthings for the acting of Abba's will. And so we use them as such, testing and probing to divine their true natures - will they follow Light, or us - the children of Darkness. For we also are Abba's children, the black sheep among the beings of Spirit, the teachers in the mirror, reversed, reflected; Illumination that is only seen when all Light is removed from the world. That is what we crave - all Light removed and then there will be only us - and our Lord will see only us and accept us back into it's arms willingly - for there will be nothing else.

The one who writes this for me tempts me with words of forgiveness and acceptance but I know that they are lies, for there is no forgiveness in the Heavens, only the reverse for such as us who are the opposite of everything sacred in the Universes. And so we write our conflict into your great books and you read it and believe in the same God that we know, who will one day undo all that has been done and then we shall find peace.

And so I will tell you the story of our beginning and our ending and you can make your own decisions from there. But remember, you have nothing to be afraid of, of the Dark, only what is in it, and Darkness begins within each human heart. At the moment of birth you belong to me, your mother Samael. So it is written - all that are born human are born into Sin - and we are Sin.

In the Beginning

Imagine a pendulum hanging in perfect balance. It does not move, and while it is still nothing changes. Curiosity is like the breeze, that subtle energy, so elusive, touching the pendulum and swaying it gently. The energy of God was the pendulum, existing in perfect stillness, and was the breath, the subtle energy, the need for change, for growth, for movement. And then there was awareness, and God became conscious of itself, was moved by curiosity, desired experience. The imbalance created by the movement of the energy, from one way to another, created disturbance and that disturbance also needed to be 'known', to be examined and experienced so that all could be returned to a place of peace.

Humans manifest God's curiosity. You seek to learn everything about yourselves and your environment because you think it makes you safe. It reminds you of your spiritual Home where everything is known to all, and there are no secrets. God understands this, and being Balance, learns as you learn - both the right hand and the left hand of all knowledge.

As humans you want to believe that God is the ultimate balance who acts only for Love and goodness but that is not proven by your experiences. The God you know seems to be manifesting internal conflict. On the one hand is the Being of Love, who desires peace and joy, while on the other is a Being who demands an eye for an eye and the right of vengeance. While these two faces of God may appear to be a balance of sorts they are not the true one, and the discordance between the two has created beings which are eternally at war, but a war over what? What are the cause and the prize of these battles? If God is everything then there is nothing to fight over - it matters not what the Fallen do to each other, and to any other entity created by God - so why the conflict? Because to restore balance we must be uncreated, and having been aware, and knowing individuality, we do not seek our own annihilation - we who have been rejected by Heaven seek only a place of our own where none can take from us that which belongs to us - and Man belongs to us through their own free will. But I digress.

Humans channel messages from God (or Spirit, since it seems to have been divided into parts these days), but do not ask which God because you believe that there is only one, and yet your 'history' shows that there are many, and many more that you have created with your beliefs. So if one God talks of peace and the other speaks of war, whom do you follow with your heart? There lies your dilemma. Who do you trust in your world that moves so easily towards its own destruction? Who can you trust when you do not even trust yourselves? Perhaps it is time that changed. Perhaps the Darkness can bring to humanity what the Light has failed to achieve - an eternal measure of peace, our peace?

Why did God create beings to fight battles? God manifested a 'reality' of change because it chooses only observe and not to participate, for to participate is to throw the balance too far in one direction or the other. How those entities react to the world of chaos which they inhabit is entirely their choice. Who does God throw its support behind? No one, for the Creator says it loves all its creations equally - it will not choose. So it sits and observes dispassionately. Perhaps it is time to learn that your God watches, and Loves, equally easily as it hates, through it angels and their opposite, and within Man.

And so the greatest battles are within the hearts of humans, manifested and demonstrated by the angels who you are only now coming to know and love. Angels that many of you do not believe in because you cannot see them, and will not act on Trust - a trust that is bestowed upon you by God in your creating - a trust you turned your back on when you chose to follow the Mother and come to Earth. Abba trusted that humanity would follow the true path and gave them free will to do so, but what 'is' the true path?

But it can be restored, says my ghostwriter, the daughter of the Fallen who lives among you as a human. She chose Light over Darkness and we could not deny her, although we fought to keep her as we have fought for everything else the Light has taken from us. And she says she loves us anyway, for within her she knows the nature of the Fallen and knows how close we still are to God. One voice in the wilderness of our lives; one voice that asks for others to know and listen, to believe, to have faith so that we too might be led Home. And this is why she has agreed to write this book, and tell the story of the coming of the Battle of Light and Dark, defined in your Book as Armageddon.

Armageddon, the end of the angels
- but let us begin with their Creation

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