Hierarchy of Heaven

In the heavenly planes there is a distinct hierarchy.
Everyone knows their place within it.
The structure and the understanding allows for consistancy and harmony.

Love is the Key, the founding force of the universe.
All of creation begins and ends with Love.

All of creation begins and ends with God/Spirit.

God - Our Father - whom the angels call Abba
(creator protector .. not dad)

The Hierarchy of


The Hierarchy of
other beings

Children of Light

Elementals - defined
Air - Sylphs
Water - Undines
Earth - Gnomes
Fire - Salamanders

Fallen Angels

First Triad - Perfecting

1 Seraphim - the glowing ones surround the throne of god and are often described as ceaselessly singing his glory - purify others by 'firing them with to their own heat' .. thus dispelling evil.

2 Cherubim - the streams of wisdom are filled with divine wisdom and bounteously pour out these illuminations onto those below.

3 Thrones - dwell in the fullest power, they are symbols of steadfastness and are forever open to receive the divine presence.

Second Triad - Illuminating

4 Dominions - give themselves to the source of true authority

5 Virtues - perfectly turned towards the source of virtue - their role is to abundantly fill those below them with virtue both vigorous and powerful.

6 Powers - never debase their authority by use of tyrannical force, but rather lead those below them to the source of all power. They maintain order, and use the divine light to defeat negativity and evil wherever they find it.

Third Triad - Purifying

7 Principalities - oversee nations, religions and world leaders, just as humans have their own guardian angels, so too nations.

8 Archangels - said to be twelve, they bridge the gap between the higher levels of the celestial hierarchy and the lowest choir Angels. The main four, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel are working most closely with humans, four others work at a celestial level, and the last four fell when the angels fell from heaven and are now leaders in hell.

9 Angels - are the last of the celestial beings possessing the angelic nature since they directly in contact with the mundane world. The principal role of angels is to work directly with humans - healing, loving, guiding inspiring and awakening us to our true potential.

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Where do humans fit in?

Humans are a different stream of creation. They do not belong in the angelic hierachy.

Ascended Masters
Spirit Guides - Humans in Spirit
Living People
Lost Souls - ghosts (until they are rescued)

Angel Roles

Gabriel - Messengers & Muses
Uriel - Spiritual Teachers
Michael - Protectors, Guardians, Wardens & Rescuers
Raphael - Healers

Within each of these catetories are the angels who act as guides for people within their prescribed roles.

Can humans become angels?

No. They do not need to. They were created as the other stream of Light beings. Their role is to help the Creator and perfect themselves within their own understandings. It is written that only two humans were transformed by God. They are now Metatron and Sandalphon, neither are Archangels though they work at that level of the Spiritual Hierachy.

Can Angels appear in human form?

Angels can manifest into human form for brief periods of time. The energy of the third dimension is denser and demands much of them. Fallen angels, when redeemed become Children of Light. They take on human bodies after they have left their demonic experience.

Do angels judge people?

Angels see everything through the only concept they understand completely - unconditional love. People judge themselves and others because they find fault with their own activities (mental, physical and spiritual) and the activities of other people. Angels accept us exactly the way we are, and see us as what we can become. They know us in our Perfection, which is how humanity was created, and give us the mirror of their presence within which to see ourselves and grow towards that Love which each of us expresses as the spiritual being.

What do angels and spirit guides look like, and why?

Human guides look like humans. Angels can also look like human guides, often taking on the role of an american indian or tibetan guide or other wise personage because that is what their human charge is hoping to see, or has asked them to appear as. Angels cannot do anything for us without our permission, so every appearance they take on is one chosen by us.

What do Angels look like ..

Angels are pure energy and have no size or shape and do not wear wings - but they can appear in any shape or form which serves their purpose on specific occasions. Humans have come to expect them to be larger than life and have wings, so they sometimes appear as over two metres tall (over 6'6") with beautiful wings or whatever is required by their human charges. Angels are beings of Light and can appear as a dog, or a drop of water, or a talking fish, if the purpose they wish to achieve requires it of them.

How do we meet angels?

Look over your right shoulder. Your guardian angel is always there, even for those who hate angels and God/Spirit and/or deny it all. The angel abides knowing that one day you will look for it, even if that is after your death. They are forever.

We can meet them in ....

Writing - channelled messages or stories that touch our hearts
A sensed presence - the sound of wings - the hand on the shoulder or head a loving protection
Waking visions
Angel-led excursions between worlds
The shamanic journey

When do our guides and angels begin guiding us, and why?

They are there before we come into the world, because they are gifted to us by God/Spirit to help with our human journeys.

They are there in times of

deep questioning
pregnancy and childbirth

What we can do for them?

Believe .. simply believe. Act for Love in everything that you do. Say good morning to them when you rise and thank them at the end of the day. Love them. Help them by helping yourself to heal and grow spiritually. Humans produce tremendous amounts of energy during the day and night, and any of that energy in excess (which causes stress and anxiety), can be gifted to the angels by choice - for healing of other people who are in need.

Ask your angels to help you with everything.
Give them permission to act in your life.

The War in Heaven

Yes, there is a power struggle above our heads. The Bible calls it Armageddon. The Light and Dark struggle over control of the energy of humanity. We can help the Light by helping ourselves to be Lighter, Brighter and Happier people. We also help the Dark when we allow negativity to overcome us and do not responsibly control the negative energy we expel during those times of pain.

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